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What does the voice in your head say to you?


  Previously, we’ve been looking at how the mind operates and dispelling ideas of its complexity. We’ve been taking this approach because when we look at the simplicity of the mind, we see more clearly that we have the power and authority to handle the mind and thus have it serve us rather than becoming […]

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How I changed my life in just seven days

Since my return from the last Abundance Course retreat at Camp Allen I have been reflecting on why I go to retreats. It’s pretty simple. There is nowhere else I could spend that week that would support my releasing as much. And I make noticeable progress in my releasing each time. It is easiest to […]

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What’s holding you back?.. Part 1

I spent a large part of my life in martial arts training, which included traveling across the world and living in Japan for 12 years. What it was that I searched for all those years – the elusive Zone that athletes talk about – and what I had to overcome to reach it is the […]

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Don’t Suppress Say Yes… and become President?

Man in white t-shirt

  We say “Yes” a lot when we are releasing. Lester discovered that saying “No” just causes us to suppress our feelings — and this just leads to unhappiness. So we say yes to pain, yes to fear, yes to anger, yes to the ego… yes to whatever we are resisting. The more we can […]

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What does “subconscious” mean?

Surreal Face

  We’ve all heard about the subconscious mind and maybe even have developed some sort of vague picture of what it is… usually in the form of an iceberg looming underwater. In a previous post, we began to explore what the mind is with the intent to unravel myths about the mind’s complexity. Now, we’re […]

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What makes a seven day retreat so magical?

Those of us who have made releasing a way of life look forward to every seven day retreat. There is absolutely nothing on earth like the experience these retreats provide. Even the most fabulous dream vacation pales in comparison to the magic that happens at a retreat because the positive energy is so high, so […]

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Is our happiness controlled by a thermostat?

Relax in grass

  There have been tons of studies with good, solid evidence — not just in the U.S., but all over the world — about a so-called happiness thermostat. This is interesting… Lottery winners tend to go right back to the baseline level of happiness of where they were before they won. Let’s say, based on […]

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How does the mind work?


  Since the beginning of time, man has been trying to figure out the mind. Psychology and psychiatry have accumulated endless material trying to explain it. So, by all reason it seems that the mind is an infinitely complicated instrument. After all, it’s an intangible thing that has the power to affect our lives in […]

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How Letting Go Of Figuring Things Out Swung Open the Doors to Infinite Possibilities

Little girl thinking

As a little girl, I clearly remember my mom telling me what a ‘smart’ child I was simply because I had a real knack for putting complicated puzzles together that were meant for kids much older than me. I felt very approved by my mom and decided that in order to have her approval, that […]

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Can releasing have an effect on the body?

If you have a body issue — illnesses with med’s, fitness or weight ups and downs, aches and pains whether passing or chronic — the Release Technique is my recommended healing solution. The Method presents 3 powerful ways to release, all of which are useful in getting rid of even “serious” body issues. Why? Every […]

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