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Wow, this releasing stuff really works!

I’d like to share a gain with you. I have received feedback recently while answering support calls that some past blog posts have been helpful to people. I’d like to share with you how that happened.

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How long does it take to Go Free, anyway?

It took Lester Levenson 3 months to “Go Free”, his term for Self-Realization. Over the years many of his students asked him, “Yeah, good, that was you and you had extenuating circumstances pushing you to the limits – but how long is it going to take little ol’ me, since you say we can all […]

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White Magic Abundance: The Price You Pay

Lester teaches us a way to become abundant that leads to Freedom: let go of all your negative subconscious beliefs and programs, and money, wealth, health, and abundance just fall into your life. Abundance is our natural state once we let go of our garbage. This is the famous “Butt System” that has worked for […]

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Lose weight the easy way

When I first started releasing I focused on weight loss and experienced rapid success by dropping a full clothing size. I was fairly new at releasing and stopped when I was suddenly confronted with several life altering situations. Had I realized the wonderful support that was offered from Larry Crane, I could have called and […]

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New Lester CD’s are ready to ship

Lester 100th Anniversary CD sets are shipping now. Those who pre-ordered are getting theirs first, but there should be enough in this current batch so you can grab a copy now. As you can see, the set is absolutely stunning (click the image for a larger view). Read on for more details and a link […]

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