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Worry Doesn’t Solve Problems

When we have a situation or a problem we can’t resolve, the very first thing we do habitually is ask our mind for a solution. We continually ask our mind, when we know our mind doesn’t have the answer. Not getting an answer, we already knew wasn’t there, we go into beating ourselves up. We […]

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Growth You Can Have Every Day

Most of you don’t realize that every day you are presented with wonderful opportunities to make major steps in your growth. Were you to look at and see this, the Goal that seems so difficult and elusive would soon be in your possession. Awaken to this fact and be done with worldly miseries! To do […]

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Why Is It Still Broken?

What drew you to Releasing? Was it Happiness? Health? Finances? Relationships? Freedom? Many of you are experiencing that results haven’t come to you in ways you had expected. Nor as soon as you’d hoped. While areas “less important” have shifted, the area you came to Releasing to turn around may still seem to be stuck […]

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No Bad Moods ~ No Bad Days

When we identify with limited mind/body we are identifying with our desires, our wants, better put, the mind’s desires and wants. As we know, if we desire something we are saying we lack something. When we are wanting, desiring and in lack, we are suffering and in misery. Desires/wants agitate the mind. An agitated mind […]

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