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The Devil Makes Me Do It! Part 2

Our countrymen (I’m speaking of the USA here) spend more money on drugs when they’re sick ($235 Billion/year), more money on solutions when they are fat (around $50 Billion/year, with more if we add the medical prescriptions that treat the consequences of overweight), more money on cosmetics and body-care items for when they feel unattractive […]

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The Live Abundance Course: What’s in it for you?

When you attend our powerful Abundance Course live class for 3 days, you get the whole Releasing toolkit that American Master Lester Levenson gave the world. You are fully able to use the complete Release Technique process on your own by the end of the weekend! You do need to plan on experiencing astonishing results […]

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The Devil Makes Me Do It! Part 1

You don’t have to look very far to identify compulsive behaviors you are enacting.If you are Human, those compulsions are there. The really obvious ones look like this:”No wonder she is so huge.She can’t stop eating!””No wonder he coughs all the time – look how much he smokes!””No wonder he is in debt – look […]

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Addiction, Feelings and Releasing

There is a growing sentiment in the therapy community that a “spiritual approach” to undoing addictions and compulsions may be more successful than the traditional ones. The Release Technique is one of those approaches.Identifying and letting go of the core feelings that compel any behavior is one of the best things Releasing achieves! But how […]

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