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Just Say YES to Abundance

Most of us think we are saying “Yes” to abundance when, in fact, we are stuck in resistance and wanting, which always equals a resounding “No” to our subconscious. How then are we to expect abundance if we are constantly pushing it away unconsciously? We can’t reasonably expect it—because we haven’t allowed it in. We’ve […]

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Drop Your Anger and Fill Your Life with Abundance

Have you ever lashed out at someone for no real reason – but just because you were having a bad day? I know most of us have had those moments where something trivial or meaningless just sets us off. Unfortunately when you let anger take over you actually end up 1.) knocking yourself back a […]

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Things I Have Learned at the Weekend Abundance Course

We have been practicing our attitudes and outlook for a real long time, habitually. If our attitudes and outlook, our habits of thinking, provide happiness, we should keep doing them. For me, I knew that things were just a little off. In fact, in some areas they were a lot off. I was into good […]

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