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Quitting Smoking – Part I

Somehow we may think that by indulging in smoking we are enjoying ourselves. Actually indulging in anything is a form of escape. Smoking interferes with our health, causes us and our belongings to smell like smoke, and is an expensive and time consuming habit. From my point of view, I quit smoking so many times, […]

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Practice Makes Perfect!

These three simple words “practice makes perfect” is a mini gold mine that we’ve all known about although we may not have seen how profound this statement actually is. By applying this principle we can move beyond where we currently are and get to a place of total FREEDOM. As kids, there was a little […]

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Look at What’s “Right”

Go ahead, admit it. You like to look at what’s wrong, don’t you? It’s okay. Admit it. Self honesty is a good thing and helps you get on track. Actually, it’s not you that likes to look at what’s wrong. It’s your mind that likes to look at what’s wrong and you’re unconsciously going along […]

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Change Your Energy – Attract What You Want

The first step to attract what you want is to change or shift your energy. Everything in this world is made up of energy including us. Other people pick up on your energy. If it’s positive you’ll attract positive people into your life. If you have negative energy, you’ll always attract negative people and negative […]

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