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When we look at the word “BLAME” what do we see? Well if were in apathy or grief, we may see our disapproving of someone or something. Or maybe we see our wanting control or that we see that we want to be safe. We definitely see our self wanting to be separate. If we […]

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How To Make Sure You Have A Happy New Year

Does the mere mention of the Holidays have you shrieking like a wounded jungle animal? Or do you purr like a sweet, happy, warm, contented kitten full of pleasant expectation? Is the glass half full, or is it half empty—”Please let it not be Holiday time already.” Or, “Wonderfuuuulll, the holidays are here again!” For […]

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What’s On Your Holiday List?

It seems by the time November 1st comes around everything is playing to the tune of “beat the clock.” The end-of-the-year has a lot to do with hustle and bustle. Businesses are trying to make plan so bonuses can be distributed. Retailers are promoting holiday sales by incenting people to shop at 4:00 in the […]

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Quitting Smoking – Part II

As a result of quitting smoking initially gained 6-pounds and decided that weight gain wasn’t acceptable. So I began working with the Release Technique® method on losing the weight as a result of my quitting smoking. Each week I released on my weight and on my being a non-smoker. Well, my weight started to drop. […]

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Is Money Making You Half Crazy?

You don’t have the money you would like to have. You’re snowed under with credit card debt, mortgage payment or whatever it is. What it’s about is being short of money. It’s making you nuts. You’re losing sleep over it. You’re worrying about it. You have no idea how to get out of the money […]

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