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Rethinking Possible!

“Rethinking possible” begins with a winning attitude.  If we don’t think something is possible, we get to be right; each and every time.  If we have a doubt, it is magnified in our ego and becomes what we are focusing our attention on.  And this doubt will be what we create.  Ever had a toothache… […]

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Moving past negativity…

What causes us to react negatively?  Past habits… being on automatic… or missing an opportunity to examine our thinking and correct it.  This cycle of negativity continues until we move out of AGFLAP and being stuck.  By looking at our reactions, we have an opportunity to view a situation and respond lovingly or negatively.  Reacting […]

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Success Starts Today!

What a terrific way to start the day!  There is nothing passive about this statement.  It is bold, to the point, and includes a specific timeframe.  Actually this phrase sounds like an intention. Let’s face it, the only way we can achieve success or anything else is by making a decision.  Deciding to achieve success […]

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Dressing for Success!

Have you noticed that when you get dressed up for a wedding or other extravagant event, that you feel like a million bucks?  When we pull out our best suit and tie or our most beautiful dress, we also find that everything looks better.   Instantly, we are transformed from middle-aged to magnificent!  In putting on […]

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