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What is Stress?

Stress is anything that causes us to feel insecure.  For the most part, we think stress is a normal part of life.  Stress is actually resistance.  Whenever we are struggling with something, we are feeding a part of ourself with negativity. We haven’t fully decided to move forward, to do, or not do something.  We […]

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7-Day Retreat Sweepstakes Giveaway…

Things are getting a little crazy on the planet, with natural disasters and people in conflict… But, something AMAZING is also happening at the same time. In a BIG way! Across the planet, a tremendous movement towards freedom is unfolding. People are rising above the limitations imposed upon them and taking a stand to be […]

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Avoid = Avoiding

Think about an Attachment and we may experience a nice warm-fuzzy feeling.  We are of course attached to our family, our homes, our relationships, money, our beautiful stuff, and so forth.  Think about an Aversion and what happens – instantly we are facing some resistance.  If you are paying attention you’ll instantly notice a clutch […]

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Healing the Past…

Is it even possible to completely and fully heal the past?  Well the good news is yes it is possible for us to heal any hurt; any wound; any tear of sadness or disappointment that we have ever experienced.  In order for us to be able to fully transform words of anger, rage, or humiliation […]

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Could it get any better?

During a recent releasing call, a woman brought up an important issue of her ego being awake and that it was bringing up a lot of negativity.  She mentioned she had called the Helpline although still needed additional support.  Good for this woman’s persistence to keep working through the matter by choosing to release.  This […]

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Trying to figure it out…

Oh goodness!  If we are trying to figure something out, it is without a doubt that we are not releasing.  What we are doing is asking the mind questions.  Our questions are indicating that we haven’t been able to resolve something regarding an area of our lives.  Our trying to figure something out is our […]

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