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Recipe for Success…

Ingredients: 1 oz. Make a decision to order Abundance Course 10 ea. Abundance Course CDs 5 ea. Bonus CDs — Sprinkle generously with love Instructions: Upon receiving your Abundance Course materials open package and review materials. Begin listening to first CD by placing in a player other than in automobile. Enjoy introduction to the Release® Technique method and working […]

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Moving Beyond Limitation into Happiness

It occurred to me that, “Limitation” and “Happiness” are on opposite ends of the spectrum; so in order to for us move beyond limitation and into happiness, we need to see what we are really holding in mind.  Lester Levenson has said, “There are no problems unless we are holding onto them.”  By trying to […]

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Do you see yourself as a winner?

Do you see yourself as a winner?  If by chance you answered “No” to this question, it reveals a lot about your self-esteem.  By responding ‘No’ prevents you from winning.  If you if you think you can’t…, you can’t.  Thinking in this manner is limited.  Limited thinking makes it difficult for us to succeed in […]

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If We Stop…We Get Stuck

It Worked So Good…We Stopped Doing it Following, is a recent email received by Larry: “I purchased the Abundance Course about 18 months ago. I found a peace that I never had. However, after some time, I recently decided I would re-learn the whole course again (kinda forgot about it) and am experiencing an almost […]

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Do You Realize Your Power?

Do you realize the amazingly powerful skills you have right now? Actually the word amazing doesn’t even begin to cover the incredible skills you have at your fingertips, available for you to put to use right now.  Are you fully aware of it?  Maybe you don’t feel like you have these exceptional, really mind blowing […]

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