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Letting Go of Dissatisfaction

Here is an invitation to look at dissatisfaction within areas of your life.  By looking at things we are dissatisfied with offers us an opportunity to begin to improve these areas by moving out of our comfort zones.  Dissatisfaction is something we have experienced throughout our lives.  Being dissatisfied is an apathetic feeling that keeps […]

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Still grieving…? It’s OK to let it go!

Grief is perhaps the worst punishment humans can launch against themselves.  When we are grieving, we are wallowing in pain, depression, uncertainty and a host of other negative feelings.  If we are grieving, we are also not in the present moment.  Grief is always in relation to something that occurred in the past.  Grief is […]

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Floating Above Our Garbage

As a result of releasing, we sometimes feel peaceful and mistakenly think, “I no longer have to release anymore because (fill in the blank)!”  Well that thought is listening to your ego.  Releasing is a decision and a continual way of removing the non-loving feelings.  By actively looking for the non-loving feelings through releasing, allows […]

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“Love is the Answer”

The entire basis of releasing is to remind us that our basic nature is love and happiness.  Love is the most positive and most powerful energy in the universe.  Larry Crane has said, “Everyone on the planet is looking for love.”  An example of this point is by typing the word “Love” into any search […]

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