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Protecting Ourselves With Fear

Whenever we use any of these words: Don’t…  Not…  No…  we are protecting ourselves with fear.  Other words such as:  Aren’t, doesn’t, isn’t…, wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t, etc. are also creating limitations as the mind isn’t capable of processing these words because they also include the word “not.”  Lester Levenson explains to us, “If I […]

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Fast-Steps to Freedom Review

In reviewing the “Fast-Steps to Freedom” below, we can easily see that we all have a chance to experience more FREEDOM each and every day simply by including one or more of these steps into our daily releasing practices.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane include these points in each course to point out that by […]

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With Gratitude

If we only did one thing, perhaps the greatest thing we can share with ourselves and others is GRATITUDE.  Being grateful for everything is living in acceptance.  When we fuel our life with gratitude, the quality of life that we experience is absolutely wonderful and uniquely flavored in positive and loving ways.  This is the […]

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Doing things we don’t want to do…

How often do we do something that we really don’t want to do?  More often than we realize.  We do things we would rather not do because we are looking for approval.  Most likely we began wanting our parents’ approval; then our teachers and friends’ approval; then our spouse/partner, boss, co-workers, extended family members, adult […]

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What’s Good? / What’s Bad?

We all have so much information on both sides of this question.  “Good / Bad?”, “Naughty / Nice?”, “Happy / Sad?”  As children we began seeing things in opposites.  Actually, this is our seeing things in duality.  Our basic nature is happiness and love.  So therefore it is suggested that we are all good and […]

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