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Love is the Answer

Article Contributed by Jenny LaFontaine Lester says that “Love is the answer”. It took me awhile to really experience what he meant and even as I write this more is unfolding. My journey along the way may be of help to you. I did not have any idea how to love myself. I had done […]

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To Do, or Not to Do….the 90-Day Program

Article Contributed by Jenny LaFontaine So what is the big deal about the 90-day program? Why do so many people do it – and not just once, but over and over and over again? I have done 4 of the 90-day programs now. There is another one coming up starting on October 25th so I […]

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Do you have enough time? Then why aren’t you sleeping well…

The only reason we don’t have enough time is because we have a belief that says, “I don’t have enough time.”  Because we are holding in mind “not having enough time,” we get to be right.  In an effort to try to gain more time, we may give up sleep in an attempt to finish […]

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Only the Best!!!

“It won’t work!”  “It can’t work!”  “No way, no how!”   So basically what we are really holding in mind, is, “What’s the worst that can happen?”  Clearly this is not how an article should begin if it is titled Only the Best.  And yet, this is what most of us are doing, most of the […]

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