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How to have a Sensational Life-Style!

How would it feel for you to have a sensational life-style?  Well you’re reading this article, so it appears that there is some curiosity.  First of all, in order for us to have a sensational life-style, we have to look at what excuses we are holding onto that are preventing us from having and enjoying […]

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The Power of Love – It’s So Much More Than You Think It Is!

So often we believe love comes from others.  We believe if we act a certain way and do or not do something will cause others to respond by loving us.  We have the ability, right in this moment, to connect with the wonderful, amazing power of LOVE!  This amazing power is abundantly available and the […]

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Getting over the issue of Jealousy

If you haven’t yet recognized this fact, nothing good comes from being jealous.  Jealousy is a deep-rooted emotion in the realm of pride.  Jealousy damages relationships.  Reasons for being jealous include:  thinking we can’t have something… believing we aren’t good enough… lacking confidence and good self-esteem… non-trusting… and blaming others because we aren’t willing to […]

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