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Enjoying the Holidays!

This year let’s all plan to enjoy ourselves and the holidays.  Why not?  It’s a decision!  A few of the reasons that we don’t enjoy the holidays is simply because we are reliving past holiday experiences.  We are going over mental lists of what we previously happened.  We are stuck in fear and wanting to […]

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Liking the image in the mirror

What does it take to stop believing that the image in the mirror is unattractive?  First of all notice if this you are holding this in mind.  What are you creating for yourself by labeling yourself negatively?  When we look in the mirror and dislike our image, we are seeing ourselves in a distorted manner.  […]

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Article Contributed by Jenny La Fontaine Today is Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful opportunity for gratitude. To live in gratitude is to be in Beingness, to be Free. Two years ago I never could have imagined that I would be where I am at today. To be this happy, loving and peaceful is nothing short of […]

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