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Deciding to be resolved with whatever is going on? – Part I

Here we are in mid-January and it’s a good time to review where we are with our new year’s resolutions.  For most folks the New Year has come and gone; and along with that is the relief that the holiday season is officially over.  After January reaches the mid-way point, our enthusiasm about keeping our […]

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A to Z… Things you can do to get unstuck…

  A) Review the Six Steps B) Remember that you are in charge! C) What you resist, PERSISTS.  Make a decision to move forward.  Life is a decision! D) Give yourself LOTS of love and approval E) Take responsibility for whatever the situation or circumstance is, as this situation is only an out projection of something that occurred in the […]

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Tips on Being Happier Each and Every Day

Here are several things that you can easily do to begin feeling happier each day.  You will be as happy as you decide to be. In deciding to do nothing, that is exactly what you will accomplish — NOTHING.  Your life is, and always will be, a reflection of what you are holding in mind. […]

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