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Breaking Bad Habits – Part I

If we were to look at our lives closely, we would probably agree that there are some bad habits that we wish we didn’t have.  Some bad habits may include: drinking/drugs, overeating, or perhaps avoiding doing household chores.  Excessive TV watching, gaming, excessively surfing the web, chain-smoking, or maybe swearing are things on your list.  […]

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Wanting to figure out what to do?

So often when we are faced with a challenge or problem, we unknowingly begin figuring out what to do.  We look at the situation in every way possible and ultimately wind up feeling frustrated.  Each time we attempt to fix what is bothering us keeps bringing us back to the original place where we started.  […]

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Deciding to be resolved with whatever is going on? – Part II

In deciding to honor our New Year’s resolution, intentions or goals, means we are continuously willing to keep moving forward and challenge ourselves to be positive.  We are determined to overcome whatever issue that we would like to resolve.  If overeating, smoking, drinking, excess internet gaming are issues that you would like to really overcome, […]

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