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What’s getting in the way of your happiness?

A good number of people believe that if they do everything right that will help them be happy.   While others believe no matter what they do or don’t do, that they may never really have total happiness.  Some people believe they must accomplish things like having a good education, living and working in the right […]

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Breaking bad habits – Part III

Letting go of perceived bad habits is the result of releasing and building momentum.  By understanding ‘how and why’ we act in the ways that we do is deciding to get bigger than our ego.  In deciding to overcome the habit of protecting ourselves with fear empowers us to be free of the bad habits.  […]

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Breaking Bad Habits – Part II

Bad habits are usually a thwarted attempt of our wanting approval (affection), control, or safety (security) from others.  Probably more often than not, bad habits are a means of wanting control or wanting to be separate.  This wanting is our desire or aspiration that something or someone will alleviate the problem we are facing or […]

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