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If life is a decision, why not decide to be happy?

The only reason we haven’t decided to be happy, is because most of us aren’t really sure what real happiness is.  We mistakenly believe that other people, experiences, or things are what we need to make us happy.  In truth, you are the only one capable of making yourself happy.  Happiness is your basic nature.  […]

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Moving from I can’t… to I CAN!

How often do you tell yourself that you can’t do something?  Believing we can’t do something is a belief that we can begin to challenge.  If we believe, for whatever reasons, that we can’t do something, we will resist (with all of our might), in an effort to hold onto our belief.  In the long […]

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Moving beyond NO!

Remember as a kid asking your parents questions and their looking at you in a funny way and answering exactly as you predicted.  Think about some of your own responses to these questions: Are we there yet?  Is dinner ready?  Thinking back there seemed to also be lots of responses that included ‘No!’ ‘Uh-uh!’ ‘I […]

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