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What do we need to do in order to be more successful?

In order for us to be more successful requires our first determining what is it that we want to accomplish.  In other words, we need to make a decision and establish a reasonable goal that we can accomplish within a reasonable period of time.   We may first think we have to make a list of […]

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Happiness is Your Natural State

Happiness exists in everyone.  Happiness and love are your natural state of being.  All the happiness that you can possibly imagine exists within your very Self being right in this moment.  This is good news!  The happiness that we are seeking is right where we are says Lester Levenson, founder of the Release® Technique method.  […]

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Is Change Really Difficult?

Is it really difficult to make changes or are we just accustomed to believing change is difficult? Good question.  Regardless of what we would like to change, most of us have a host of excuses that we use that actually keep us from accomplishing what we would like to achieve.  This is silly and yet […]

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Happiness is right where you are!!!

Have you ever experienced something beyond words?  Perhaps a first kiss…  An unbelievable sports victory…  Wearing a new outfit by your favorite designer…  Driving an expensive car…  How about wedding day bliss?  The birth of your children…  Yes all of these occurrences are transformational!  Imagine feeling happy and blissful like this all of the time.  […]

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Turning failure, disappointment, and frustration into accomplishment!

What if failure, disappointment and frustration are only a perception?  What if so called failures are actually launching pads for incredible motivation and inspiration?  What if the only thing that is stopping us from turning our perceived failures into accomplishment, is simply a decision?  Truthfully, anytime we accept apparent setbacks as an opportunity to achieve […]

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