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Happiness: More than you imagined…

Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have been teaching the Release® Technique method for over 60 years.  Their work easily demonstrates that anyone can be happy simply because happiness is truly our basic nature.  Once we are shown how to see what limitations and excuses that we are holding onto, we can release them.  When we […]

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See yourself in a whole new way!

What do we need to do to see ourselves in an entirely new way?!  How about deciding what we would like to accomplish; then, pursuing our goal until it is positively achieved.  Truly these are appropriate steps in any successful goals process.  Regardless if the goal includes issues related to health, weight, finances or relationships, […]

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Letting Go of Struggling

If we are struggling for any reason, it is simply because we are holding in mind that things are difficult.  We all know what struggling feels like.  What we may not realize, is that we are the ones who are sustaining the struggle by wanting to be right or by believing we have to struggle […]

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