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What is the biggest obstacle that keeps us from accomplishing our goals?

If we asked ourselves what is keeping me from accomplishing my goals, we would immediately see a few things in the way.  We may instantly see or sense fear or resistance.  Another factor may include believing, “I can’t!”  By holding onto fear and resistance, or having beliefs stating I can’t, will definitely prevent us from […]

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DIY: Self-Improvement 101

When most people think of DIY, they conjure up projects that are either crafty or perhaps an outlet for personal talents.  Most people really don’t usually consider self-improvement as a DIY project.  And realistically, that’s exactly what self-improvement is all about.  When we look at situations within our lives and decide we would like to […]

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What is change? And why are we so afraid of making changes? – Part II

Change is only for the purpose of making better decisions that agrees with what we are interested in doing or having, or not doing or not having.  If we look at the process of change more closely, logically we can see that some changes require more time and consideration.  Certainly things like planning to relocate, […]

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What is change? And why are we so afraid of making changes? – Part I

In reality the process of “changing” is simply making a decision to do something other than what we are currently doing.  Change is a reflection of current attitudes.  Sometimes we choose to make changes that are relatively simple like deciding where to eat or what to order.  Surely deciding where to go to lunch is […]

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If we aren’t achieving our goals, maybe we need a different approach

When we aren’t getting our intentions or achieving our goals, we need to accept that there are limitations and excuses in the way.  At times when we aren’t achieving our goals isn’t meant for us to veer off course and assume the method doesn’t work.  What doesn’t work is moving into frustration, blame, disapproval or […]

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