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In Control – Out of Control

Are you in control?  Well let’s see…  Are you trying to figure out what to do regarding bills, relationships, security, or something else?  Are you irritable?  Are you at your perfect weight?  Are you in good health?  Are you frustrated in some way?  Are you sleeping peacefully at night?  If you aren’t in good health, […]

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Disagreeing with others

Do you ever find yourself disagreeing with others?  Or maybe you find yourself disagreeing with yourself?  Perhaps you’ll agree that disagreement is pretty much an indication that we are very much in non-agreement or strongly dislike of something in its current reality.  It is also saying that on some level, we may think that others […]

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Transforming Childhood

The details related to our childhood, and things that we’ve experienced in the past, are still very much running in our subconscious minds.  Our childhood memories are affecting how we are living our lives today.  As children, we may have fallen out of the bed or down a flight of stairs. Or perhaps we fell […]

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Having Successful Relationships

Our emotions and wants in regards to our relationships are indications that we are often not in control.  Furthermore, the “I can’t and I won’t” thoughts that are playing in the background keeps us from taking positive action.  Each “I can’t or I won’t” thought is actually a limitation.  These limiting thoughts are the primary […]

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