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Is it difficult to accept credit for a job well-done?

There are many sides to the issue of credit.  This can be a huge concern for some, as the ego has a tendency to want to take credit for everything and then moves us into feeling guilty.  This cycle is known as the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” syndrome.  If we are avoiding accepting credit it is […]

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Intimidated by others… trust this isn’t helping you to be happy

If we are intimidated for any reason, it certainly makes it unnecessarily difficult to be happy.  Realistically, intimidation is allowing our fears to influence us in a negative manner.  When we are intimidated, we are also on some level deciding that the other person is more powerful.  If this is what we are holding in […]

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A new view on Leadership

Leaders exist in all walks of life.  More importantly, everyone has the potential of acting in a leadership position.  We can all be more successful by establishing a positive attitude and also by having an attitude of gratitude. Leadership includes vitality, charm, being flexible and also having a good sense of humor. It also includes […]

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Letting go of struggling…

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really need to let this go…” and yet continued to hold onto the mind chatter.  Perhaps continuing to complain, blame, or possibly wonder what to do about a situation that happened sometime in the past.  By acting in this manner, you are preventing yourself from moving forward.  Maybe […]

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