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Year End Planning

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  This is a time when many of us put unrealistic and often unhealthy expectations upon ourselves.  If we perceive the year end as hectic, guess what… we get to be right because that is what we are holding in mind.  When we are feeling pressured by time […]

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Emotional Eating: What is it telling us?

Emotional eating is often an unhealthy and uncomfortable attempt of trying to distract ourselves from facing something we deem as unpleasant.  So often we overeat without realizing we may be trying to cover up some level of insecurity.  We may also be using food as a means to avoid doing something.  We may also use […]

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A New Approach on Time Management

It seems like almost everyone has some ideas related to time management.  And realistically most of us are still not sure how to consistently manage our time.  How about instead of managing our time, that we choose to make better use of our time?!  Perhaps you might agree, that when we are in enjoyment of […]

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