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Improved Goals Process with Release Technique

Over the past few years Larry Crane and staff have done an AMAZING job of identifying what was preventing folks from consistently getting their goals.  Through releasing and observing what might be some of the concerns, he identified a few important steps that weren’t being consistently applied.  He recognized that The Six Steps of the […]

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Letting go of Complaining and Begin to Feel Better

So often we get so caught up in complaining that we forget that we have an option to choose to do something else.  We have also conditioned ourselves to COMPLAIN about anything we dislike.  And without realizing it, we have further given ourselves both a negative and deconstructive outlet in relation to resolving what is […]

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“Wanting to be Safe”

Perhaps at times you have noticed your heart is racing while watching a movie or listening to a negative conversation.  If this is your experience, you can be certain that you may actually be in a state of panic or fear.  By regularly listening to the news or watching action-flicks may actually result in our […]

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Are you paying attention to your aversions?

We know that an aversion is anything that we don’t like.  We also know that it’s also something we choose to avoid.  Basically an aversion feels like, “Get that away from me!”  And yet we know what we resist, will persist.  When we are see things as being a problem it is only because we […]

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