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Turning failure, disappointment, and frustration into accomplishment! – Part II

When working on goals, instead of approaching the situation as difficult, vague or impossible, let’s begin by changing our point of view. By beginning to use positive intentions helps us to view tasks as being possible and manageable. We are changing what we are holding in mind. Instead of responding with, “Maybe tomorrow… or giving […]

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Turning failure, disappointment, and frustration into accomplishment! – Part I

What if failure, disappointment and frustration are only a perception? What if so called failures are actually launching pads for incredible motivation and inspiration? What if the only thing that is stopping us from turning our perceived failures into accomplishment, is simply a decision? Truthfully, anytime we accept apparent setbacks as an opportunity to achieve […]

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Diagnosis: Mental Health

No one wants to discuss this subject and yet we all know someone that has been diagnosed in some manner with a mental health illness.  Let’s face it, this topic is motivated by FEAR.  And by holding in mind fear, we are holding in mind something other than what we would like to experience. Ask […]

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Benefits of Releasing Partners

Releasing is a great way to remove negativity!  In working with partners, we are encouraged and supported to let go of more of our fears and limitations.  When we work with partners, we also increase our momentum!  For those folks that are new to releasing, Welcome!  If you have been around for a while, welcome […]

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Moving forward begins with making a decision…

If there is one thing that we would like to change, it would be the notion that we can change something that has occurred in the past.  Perhaps you may agree that if something occurred in the past, we can accept what happened and choose to begin moving forward.  We can decide to change how […]

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