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The Perfect Antidote for Lack

A group of very happy people isolated on white background

They took away my rattle. Can you believe it? They took away that darn rattle. It all began right then.  Where’s my rattle? I need my rattle. I don’t have a rattle. What was it for you going way back? All the way back.  What caused you to decide there’s some stuff in this world […]

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Is Your Behavior Like That of a Master?

How to Win - 3 Arrows of Advice

Lester told us to make our behavior like that of a Master. Are you doing that? If not, jump on that “I can’t” bug right now. Don’t smash it. Just let it go. Let go of believing it’s impossible to make your behavior like that of a Master. Does it sound too hard to make […]

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What Is Your Life Costing You


One of the most powerful questions a person can ask themselves (which I’d like to share with you) is this: What is it COSTING YOU to remain in the life you’re currently living? Think about that for a moment.  What is it you are currently doing (or not doing) in your life that you would […]

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How to Free Yourself of “Impossible” Problems


Are you struggling with any kind of problem? • Need help with a physical healing? • Emotional healing? • Financial problems? • Relationship problems? • Does the problem seem impossible to overcome or resolve? • Does it seem like no solutions or people exist to help you and you need a miracle in your life? […]

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How to have a Sensational Life-Style!

How would it feel for you to have a sensational life-style?  Well you’re reading this article, so it appears that there is some curiosity.  First of all, in order for us to have a sensational life-style, we have to look at what excuses we are holding onto that are preventing us from having and enjoying […]

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Only the Best!!!

“It won’t work!”  “It can’t work!”  “No way, no how!”   So basically what we are really holding in mind, is, “What’s the worst that can happen?”  Clearly this is not how an article should begin if it is titled Only the Best.  And yet, this is what most of us are doing, most of the […]

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Things we can do to live more abundantly… Part 2

So often we are so concerned on focusing on what we don’t have that we forget to be grateful for all that we do have.  Remember to be grateful for having a roof over your head that keeps you warm and cozy.  Be thankful for the clothing and food that is available.  Appreciate those that […]

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Additional benefits of using the Release Technique method

It is always a tremendous opportunity to release because each time we do, we become happier and lighter.  By learning to see directly and understand how negative thoughts affect our lives helps us to begin taking responsibility for what we are holding in mind. The habit of disapproving and ‘figuring things out’ quickly begin to […]

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Protecting Ourselves With Fear

Whenever we use any of these words: Don’t…  Not…  No…  we are protecting ourselves with fear.  Other words such as:  Aren’t, doesn’t, isn’t…, wouldn’t, couldn’t, and shouldn’t, etc. are also creating limitations as the mind isn’t capable of processing these words because they also include the word “not.”  Lester Levenson explains to us, “If I […]

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Fast-Steps to Freedom Review

In reviewing the “Fast-Steps to Freedom” below, we can easily see that we all have a chance to experience more FREEDOM each and every day simply by including one or more of these steps into our daily releasing practices.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane include these points in each course to point out that by […]

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