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Your Portal to Peace and Happiness

woman hiking

  Our lives consist of beauty, joy and excitement. Our lives also consist of challenges, obstacles and burdens. And we like to hold onto what’s good. It doesn’t matter if the good happens to be something worldly or physical – a delicious meal, a financial boon, a wildly intimate experience with another person – or […]

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Mind Freedom (here’s how)

Romantic happy couple on cruise ship traveling

  Conscious decisions are like a new computer application. When you install a new application on your computer it’s a good idea to delete or uninstall older applications that could interfere with the new application running properly. Likewise: When you set a new conscious decision it’s a good idea to “delete” all the old and […]

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Finding Peace

Couple Yoga meditation

  Peace is within us. Most of the time we’re not seeing it because we’re looking for it externally. The problem with this approach is that our most intimate experience of Peace is through the feeling of inner calmness. So how can we achieve inner calm by searching outwardly? We must begin to look inward […]

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The Perfect Antidote for Lack

A group of very happy people isolated on white background

They took away my rattle. Can you believe it? They took away that darn rattle. It all began right then.  Where’s my rattle? I need my rattle. I don’t have a rattle. What was it for you going way back? All the way back.  What caused you to decide there’s some stuff in this world […]

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Is Your Behavior Like That of a Master?

How to Win - 3 Arrows of Advice

Lester told us to make our behavior like that of a Master. Are you doing that? If not, jump on that “I can’t” bug right now. Don’t smash it. Just let it go. Let go of believing it’s impossible to make your behavior like that of a Master. Does it sound too hard to make […]

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Fear Exposed


Now it’s time to look at one of the biggest things that stops us from getting what we want in life. Let’s take a look at that “ghost” called fear. I think that fear is one of the most misunderstood things that we deal with. So, the first thing I want to do is try […]

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LIVE Like the BEE and You Will Be So FREE


If you observe a bee you will be observing the highest form of success in action. How so? I’ll tell you in just a moment. But first… Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I didn’t have to work as much as I do, wouldn’t that be good?” But have you ever considered this: […]

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How to Live Happily Now from Now On


by Dennis Sullivan Here’s a very simple formula to be a happy person: Let go of the unhappy stuff. What unhappy stuff, you ask? It’s that dark, old, ugly junk hiding there in the depths of the subconscious mind. It pops up and pops off to rule and ruin your day and your life—that’s the […]

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Love is the Answer


The entire basis of releasing is to remind us that our basic nature is love and happiness. Love is the most positive and most powerful energy in the universe. Lester has said, “Everyone on the planet is looking for love.” An example of this point is by typing the word “Love” into any search engine. […]

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How to Free Yourself of “Impossible” Problems


Are you struggling with any kind of problem? • Need help with a physical healing? • Emotional healing? • Financial problems? • Relationship problems? • Does the problem seem impossible to overcome or resolve? • Does it seem like no solutions or people exist to help you and you need a miracle in your life? […]

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