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Is Your Behavior Like That of a Master?

How to Win - 3 Arrows of Advice

Lester told us to make our behavior like that of a Master. Are you doing that? If not, jump on that “I can’t” bug right now. Don’t smash it. Just let it go. Let go of believing it’s impossible to make your behavior like that of a Master. Does it sound too hard to make […]

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Look at What’s “Right”

Go ahead, admit it. You like to look at what’s wrong, don’t you? It’s okay. Admit it. Self honesty is a good thing and helps you get on track. Actually, it’s not you that likes to look at what’s wrong. It’s your mind that likes to look at what’s wrong and you’re unconsciously going along […]

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The Live Abundance Course: What’s in it for you?

When you attend our powerful Abundance Course live class for 3 days, you get the whole Releasing toolkit that American Master Lester Levenson gave the world. You are fully able to use the complete Release Technique process on your own by the end of the weekend! You do need to plan on experiencing astonishing results […]

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Worry Doesn’t Solve Problems

When we have a situation or a problem we can’t resolve, the very first thing we do habitually is ask our mind for a solution. We continually ask our mind, when we know our mind doesn’t have the answer. Not getting an answer, we already knew wasn’t there, we go into beating ourselves up. We […]

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Love, Releasing and Faith

Merry Christmas! While spending a quiet day on the threshold of the Life Mastery Retreat, I’m taking a moment to tune in to the quiet reverence of what this holiday represents. For many of us with various religions and traditions, this time of year – at its core – is intended to bring people together […]

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