In celebration of Lester’s 100th Birthday, a new Limited Edition 10-CD compilation has been gathered, consisting of talks with Lester Levenson through his life, spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s in New York, California and Sedona, Arizona.

These are the newly found audios never heard before. The best of the audios have been selected to take you through a journey of Lester’s life and the development of the Release Technique taught today.

Lester covers many topics and addresses many question that were previously unanswered, including:

          Lester’s Realization
          Developing the Method
          The Key to Happiness
          Beingness & Love
          Positive Thoughts & Desire
          The Goal & Direction
          Who We Are
          The Illusion
          Materializing Wealth (the Butt System)
          Concept of the Body
          The Mind
          The Dream
          The Real You
          The Ego
          Materializing Things
          Masters & Gurus
          Becoming a Doer
          Taking Responibility 

So enjoy and remember, “As Truth begins to provide itself, one gains more confidence in it, and then proof comes more easily and more readily, until finally, one perceives the Absolute Truth—that we are unlimited beings, unlimited in our knowledge, power and joy!”
—Lester Levenson