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Making Changes in our Diet, Our Lives, & our Belief System

Regardless of the changes we would like to make, it is important that we begin by clearly deciding what it is that we would like to change. The decision part of any area of our life that we are hoping to change is a very important aspect. Clearly we can easily agree that choosing healthier foods, foods with more fiber or less fat, offers us healthier options. We can also agree that more exercise may be necessary or perhaps that we need to provide more variety in our diet and exercise routines. Unless we are willing to follow through with these thoughts or goals, they will remain somewhat elusive and our goals will continue to be unavailable.

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What are you expecting?

If you’re expecting good things most of the time, please stop right in this moment and give yourself a pat on the back! Bravo to you! Realistically we should all be expecting good things at all times. Truth appears that most times, most folks tend to expect somewhat unfortunate outcomes. Think about this for a moment… Perhaps you have used phrases such as, “Too expensive… too good to be true… I can’t… I don’t know how… and the list goes on and on. Without realizing, these limiting statements are actually projecting what we are holding in mind. In other words, limited statements become a way of life. Whatever we are holding in mind, is what we are creating. Whatever we are focused on (good or bad) will materialize at some time. So therefore it is immensely helpful to begin to see what we are holding in mind and constructively decide to change our limiting points of view.

Here are a few considerations to help you more clearly see what you may be holding in mind. Sometimes we may be playing, “Fake it – till you make it…” If we are concentrating on faking something or not believing things will change, that is what we will create or continue to maintain. On a subconscious level, this indicates that our thoughts are actually focused on doubt. Doubt is a very stuck place because it is in the realm of fear. Doubt is also exemplifying “I can’t or I won’t!”

Let’s switch our thought processes towards positive and begin focusing on “Making it!” When we are determined to succeed and achieve our goal(s), we are declaring that no one or no-thing can stop us. In believing things can work out is also helping us to find a way to make our dreams a reality. By strongly deciding to have or experience something will naturally carve out a path that previously didn’t exist. The more we fuel our goals with positive thoughts, the quicker our goal will come into existence.

Often the moment we decide, “Enough” is when things start to change. Making better decisions equals less stress. Making better decisions also includes a willingness to work along with others that are available and willing to help or offer guidance. Aligning ourselves and our projects in a positive manner is also expecting things will work out well more often. This approach is also creating more confidence. Confidence creates a sense of being in-control, feeling safe, and believing we are worthy to have good things and good outcomes. Expecting to have and experience good things is also about being flexible and willing to receive abundance and prosperity in an easy, straightforward manner.

By choosing to focus on having enjoyable and pleasant interactions with others, is holding ourselves accountable to creating more opportunities that are both pleasant and also enjoyable. Deciding to be “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!” certainly would benefit everyone. More good news is that these choices are available to everyone. Just by changing our attitude from limited or negative, to possible and optimistic is surely a better approach in aligning ourselves in what we would really like to experience. Anytime we make better choices, and consistently hold in mind good things, is allowing us to begin to experience better results. We could all begin holding in mind better choices. Choices such as, “All is well! Life is good! Everything is really well! If we are expecting better outcomes, it is simply because we are challenging ourselves to have a better life.

Practice being positive more often and observe your own thoughts. If thoughts appear limiting, do see this as an opportunity to make a better choice. Step up into higher energies such as courageousness, acceptance or peace. Be willing to let go of the fear and try something new. If you find you are stuck, ask yourself better questions. Simply by refocusing on things being easy or that help is readily available, will shift us from being frustrated to feeling empowered. Everything can be viewed positively – meaning there is a silver lining in each situation. Hold in mind positive intentions throughout your day. Expect things will continue to move forward peacefully. Celebrate your successes even if they are simply acknowledging that all is well.

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Making the best out of a bad situation

When life hands out lemons, why not make lemonade! This approach is deciding to view all situations and circumstances as an opportunity of seeing everything in a good way. The more we practice viewing things positively will help us to shift our attitude away from ‘I can’t…’ towards “I can!”

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There are Two Types of People

  Which one are you? When you break it right down, there are really only TWO types of people in the world. 1.      There are people who WANT things. This group makes up 99% of the population. These people go through life, mostly striving and working hard, but sadly never really getting all that they […]

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Catch Yourself in the Act of Making Excuses – No More Excuses

Most people ruin their lives by making excuses all the time. And, they don’t see they’re doing it. Making excuses is coming from a very weak place. Making excuses is weakness. This article shows that making excuses is harmful. Decide to not make excuses anymore and you’re empowered. You’re coming from the high energy of […]

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What is the secret to happiness?

In truth, many of us still believe that happiness is a secret.  First of all, opposite of what most people believe, happiness is available to everyone–at all times.  No one is excluded.  Every person, regardless of their age, nationality, level of education or success, is naturally capable of being happy. Because most of us really […]

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What can we learn from making mistakes?

We all know what a mistake is so there is no reason to offer the dictionary’s version of this reality.  Mistakes offer us an opportunity to examine our thinking and discover what aspect(s) of our projects could be done differently, positively, therefore resulting in improved outcomes.  Mistakes also offer us considerations so that we can […]

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Tip for Success: Be inspired and determined to achieve your goals every time

What do you perceive necessary in order for you to be inspired and successful?  Well let’s begin by looking at inspiration.  Inspiration is anything that generates a willingness to accomplish something in a wonderful way.  It includes “Only the best outcomes” and is leaving all doubts aside.  What is most important regarding inspiration is that […]

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Diagnosis: Mental Health

No one wants to discuss this subject and yet we all know someone that has been diagnosed in some manner with a mental health illness.  Let’s face it, this topic is motivated by FEAR.  And by holding in mind fear, we are holding in mind something other than what we would like to experience. Ask […]

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What do we need to do in order to be more successful?

In order for us to be more successful requires our first determining what is it that we want to accomplish.  In other words, we need to make a decision and establish a reasonable goal that we can accomplish within a reasonable period of time.   We may first think we have to make a list of […]

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