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“I Can” Is Courageousness


What would you like to have? What would you like to do? What would you like to be? Yes, what is it? Now, whatever you said, what’s stopping you? Why don’t you have it? Why don’t you do it? Why don’t you be it? Put yourself on the spot, what is it? Be brutally honest […]

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What’s Holding You Back In Your Life?

Chances are, it’s not what you think it is. What is it then? What’s the hold back? What’s holding you back from having, doing, and being everything and anything in your life?

Here’s The Truth Of It: You can have everything and anything you want. You can do anything and everything you want. You can be anything and everything you want. You Are Unlimited. Whatever your mind/ego is saying about that right now probably isn’t positive is it? Your ego spends it’s time convincing you, and me, and everyone else on the planet, that we are this limited body/mind/ego.

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How to Cause Yourself Peace

Strange title isn’t it? How to cause yourself Peace? Something’s built into that title. You likely saw it right away. Of course. You cause it all. You, I, all of us, we cause it all. Each of us causes everything we experience. Are you on board with that? It’s daunting if you haven’t looked at […]

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Now is New

Pardon me. May I ask you a question? How come you don’t live in the present moment? I mean, all the time. You broke loose from captivity. The captivity of the unconscious majority-way of living. The one dominated by past and future.

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Practical Practice

Counting blessings is good. Gratitude for the blessings kicks it up into the stratosphere. Gratitude is connecting with the Infinite source of all goodness. See a beautiful tree? Be grateful. Say thank you. A bright sunshiny day? Say thank you. A rainy day? Say thank you. A new insight? Say thank you. Your paycheck? Say thank you. Be grateful for the great and small throughout your day.

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Job Stress: Moving from an Unpleasant Reality towards a Peaceful Resolution

Let’s face it–if we are stressed about work, we are also stressed in all areas of our life.  Unless we change what we are holding in mind, we will continue to experience stress.  Stress is an unnecessary choice that we are fueling by holding the wrong things in mind. Job stress comes in many forms […]

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What can we learn from making mistakes?

We all know what a mistake is so there is no reason to offer the dictionary’s version of this reality.  Mistakes offer us an opportunity to examine our thinking and discover what aspect(s) of our projects could be done differently, positively, therefore resulting in improved outcomes.  Mistakes also offer us considerations so that we can […]

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Tip for Success: Be inspired and determined to achieve your goals every time

What do you perceive necessary in order for you to be inspired and successful?  Well let’s begin by looking at inspiration.  Inspiration is anything that generates a willingness to accomplish something in a wonderful way.  It includes “Only the best outcomes” and is leaving all doubts aside.  What is most important regarding inspiration is that […]

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What’s bothering you?

Perhaps you’ll agree that when something is bothering you, it prevents you from being at peace.  In truth, the more we try to figure out “what-to-do” or “what-not-to-do” actually keeps the situation from changing.  Take a moment and look at this consideration more carefully.  Whatever we are focused on, is what we are creating for […]

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Year End Planning

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  This is a time when many of us put unrealistic and often unhealthy expectations upon ourselves.  If we perceive the year end as hectic, guess what… we get to be right because that is what we are holding in mind.  When we are feeling pressured by time […]

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