Thank you Larry, from the bottom of my heart.

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My life has completely changed thanks to you and Lester. Thank you so much for making sure the technique is continuing to be taught. Because of the technique I have peace of mind. I discriminate and I make decisions and intentions from a quiet peaceful mind. I am no longer run by my programs and tendencies. I am no longer mastered by my emotions, mind and ego, but I am the boss and I let it all go everything the good as well as what I perceive as bad.

I used to feel in want of money. I held in mind that I lived in lack and limitation, but now I laugh because I find money everywhere in every pocket in every compartment of a bag or purse. I go to the store and buy exactly what I want and need and I always have the exact amount of cash to pay for it, and then I know I will have more. I love you Larry I love your deep care for people and your passion to get the method out there so others can live in a world of love and having.

I will always be so grateful for hearing you on a tell seminar and listening to lives shifting and changing in a matter of moments. Learning the release technique is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Freedom tastes and feels so good.”

– Kathleen, Tucson, AZ.