This law and attraction everyone is talking about is like magic. You think about something you want and POOF there it is!

For the most part this is actually true. You could be thinking about buying a new jersey and you get a call from your brother offering you if you want one because it’s buy one get one FREE. How sweet is that?

You are looking to buy a new car and BANG! Your rich aunt calls you who is buying a new car offering you her current car for FREE. WOW!

You want a new job, and you run into an old friend who sets you up with an interview at her awesome company and you get hired… how amazing is that?

For the most part this is actually not true. It is only true because the law of attraction lines you up with people, circumstances, ideas and inspirations that help you get what you want by aligning your energy with your desires and generating positive energy with positive emotions, with positive circumstances. Basically, positive energy attracts positive.

Just thinking about what you want isn’t going to happen just because you think about it. You really have to want it, and believe in it. You have to be willing to trust your intuition, and follow through on the actions you feel inspired to take.

This is why releasing can help you accomplish what you want by eliminating all your negative thoughts.


Talk about another intense, (short 4 days) sweet retreat leaving a deep heartfelt feeling. A sincere desire to go for imperturbability and connect with Beingness’ Awareness and Consciousness – The key to freedom – Took root in my very delighted heart. The joy this Release Technique practice provides me with is priceless. I know it impacts my life in multiple ways whether it be financially, physically and yes existentially as well. It is quite literally good fortune and blessing, for me, to stumble upon this extraordinary practice, method; simple but elegant and it’s inherited subtlety and efficiency. Simply brilliant! I feels most sincerely grateful for this practice, The very talented and knowledgeable staff not to be mention they’re very high-spirited leader, Mr. Larry Crane Home is a living testimony up to the values inherit to the message, Mr. Lester Levenson left for the whole world to benefit from and apply in each, everyone’s daily life. The sense of freedom, empowerment and harmony one can create is astonishing. Here is the kicked: it may sound to be too good to be true, but true it is! Ask Lester Levenson himself says very often: “don’t believe a word I am telling you. Just, take it for checking.”  Experience this reality is my deepest concern after this short but very meaningful seminar.


Thanks to all!

William Bailey, CA


I received $53,000 from my father. In March I attended the Sedona retreat and was releasing on a relationship that ended three weeks prior. As I was leaving the Mago retreat my ex contacted me and said he had made a huge mistake. He asked me to give the relationship another try. He proposed in May. The releasing at the retreats for me, yields faster results. I go deeper and gain much more clarity. I gain from the experiences of more practiced releasers. Thanks you for all you do


Belinda Manchester, TX