Double the Benefits of Releasing—Share it with a Friend!

If you’ve already been practicing the Release Technique, you may have started to experience the benefits: more positivity, a greater sense of inner peace, living in the present instead of dwelling over the past or worrying about the future.

But it can still be difficult to maintain this state consistently.

That’s because you face resistance from two sources: internal (your mind) and external (friends and family).

Your mind can sometimes be your worst enemy. When you start to make meaningful progress toward your goals, your mind derails you with skepticism and self-doubt.

Got an unexpected call from a job prospect? “It’s just a coincidence,” your mind tells you. Or, “It probably won’t go anywhere.”

Unfortunately, those who care about you most—your closest friends—can also throw you off-course, even if they have good intentions.

For instance, do you know someone who’s constantly complaining? Whether it be the news, the job, or the family, nothing’s ever good enough.

Or maybe you have friends who are always down on themselves.

Either way, the stream of negativity can be draining.

So what do you do?

Some personal coaches will tell you to ditch all the negative people in your life.

But that’s not always practical—and it’s certainly not a compassionate approach.

Here’s a better solution: share the Release Technique with your friends.

By releasing with your friends, you’ll be helping one another to reach a more consistently positive state, and you’ll be solving the first problem we mentioned—resistance from your mind.

Have you ever noticed that after talking to a friend about a problem, you immediately feel better?

That’s because talking to another individual helps to bring you out of your head and see the issue from a different perspective, with greater clarity. Maybe you’ll discover alternative solutions or reframe the obstacle in a more positive light.

Most importantly, you’ll realize that the “problem” is just a story in your mind. As soon as you realize that YOU are the one in control, the situation will no longer seem hopeless.

In fact, the issue may just be an opportunity in disguise.

In the same way, a “releasing partner” will help you to get out of the negative space in your head and start approaching life with a greater sense of optimism and resolve.

Any positive results will be compounded by the fact that you are also helping your friend reach a state of well-being and abundance.

But even if you’ve experienced fantastic results from the Release Technique yourself, you may be hesitant about introducing it to friends. What if they don’t believe you?

Well, as Lester Levenson said, “Don’t believe a word I am telling you. Just take it for checking.”

The best way to introduce your friends to the myriad benefits of releasing is to have them experience it for themselves.

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As you can see, there are MANY benefits to sharing the Release Technique with your friends. Come learn about all the ways to give your friends the key to Total Harmony.

Newsletter: Law and Attraction is Like Magic

This law and attraction everyone is talking about is like magic. You think about something you want and POOF there it is!

For the most part this is actually true. You could be thinking about buying a new jersey and you get a call from your brother offering you if you want one because it’s buy one get one FREE.

How sweet is that?

You are looking to buy a new car and BANG! Your rich aunt calls you who is buying a new car offering you her current car for FREE. WOW!

You want a new job, and you run into an old friend who sets you up with an interview at her awesome company and you get hired… how amazing is that?

For the most part this is actually not true. It is only true because the law of attraction lines you up with people, circumstances, ideas and inspirations that help you get what you want by aligning your energy with your desires and generating positive energy with positive emotions, with positive circumstances. Basically, positive energy attracts positive.

Just thinking about what you want isn’t going to happen just because you think about it. You really have to want it, and believe in it. You have to be willing to trust your intuition, and follow through on the actions you feel inspired to take.

This is why releasing can help you accomplish what you want by eliminating all your negative thoughts.

Master Your Life TeleConference

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Right now, we’re all on the same journey of discovering our true power. And we experience it more and more as we continue releasing the negativity that we are holding subconsciously. This is where our old beliefs and limitations hideout and sabotage us.

During life’s journey, we encounter roadblocks, hardships and challenges. We are faced with times when we want to quit, give up, escape, or try something else. We start listening to the mind and down we go…Agflap is the pits.

It’s real simple – If you want to guarantee your success, take FULL ADVANTAGE of the momentum that lies right in front of you when you step-up to MASTER your ability to release all of your negativity and limitations, once and for all. We’re releasing all the way to the core and eliminate the garbage. Simultaneously, we are going to strengthen your core until all the goodness is yours.

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When something is bothering you (a job situation, lack of money, self-doubt, not enough time for friends etc.,) your MIND is the creator and sufferer of the problem.

You know you “should” change your thinking about the problem (like positive thinking) but changing your thinking when your mind is agitated is like trying to pick up a rug while you’re standing on it. It feels impossible!

That’s why it’s necessary to “go beyond” the surface negativity in order to remove the program that’s running subconsciously.

The Master Your Life TeleConference is the best way to “fully release” thoughts, feelings and programs in the mind and simply allow yourself to have a wonderful successful life with ease. Everything falls into place in the most perfect way possible when you are fully released.

Peter knows exactly what I’m talking about:

“The best way I can summarize it is that I am stepping into my life like never before – owning all of it and feeling so present in it……not resisting it and accepting it. I speak without thinking with a degree of confidence and certainty I have not done before – both at work and in life generally.

Many Thanks for the wonderful gift.”

~ Peter, AZ ~

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So . . . When and where is this held?

Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA
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Stop Beating Yourself Up!

I can’t do it. It just won’t happen. Nothing works. I am a failure. I am a loser. I am such a bad person. I will never amount to anything. Why did I even bother?

Can you recognize the pattern? Can you recognize your mind?

We all have it activated. It is programmed into our subconscious mind. It is running there and we take it for granted. We don’t even bother checking out if it is true.

This particular trap is called disapproving of ourselves. It is the ultimate punishment.

We start beating ourselves up. Actually it should be called beating ourselves DOWN. Because that is exactly what is happening. We are grinding ourselves to the ground and at the same time we are blaming someone else for that. Make no mistake about it, there is only one judge, jury and the executor here.

It is you who is doing that! It has always been only you!


It is quite simple actually. Somehow we believe it can change whatever “outside” is that we don’t like. By beating myself up, I can correct my behavior, circumstances or modify the end result of something I don’t like.

How is that working out?

When was the last time you managed to achieve something positive by beating yourself up?

Is beating yourself up a positive thing to do or a negative one?

Can you really change negativity with negativity?

These and all other similar questions have to be answered from within.

Release Technique will continue to show you how to experience those answers for yourself.

Once you properly use the six steps, you start changing your life. Six steps are the key. It is the only key that you need. It is the only key that works with any issue. Remember all the gains from releasers all around the world? It doesn’t matter if it was money related, health issue or spirituality quest. Gains were abundant in all areas!

There is only one crucial thing that needs to be in place. Those gains were not gotten by beating yourself up.

Remember the last time you released something? You were experiencing a feeling that was ugly, stuck, you were resistant to it. You disapproved of it. You disapproved of yourself for having to experience it.

Can you remember the vicious cycle you were in?

And then you decided to apply Step 1. You decided to go for imperturbability. And really, honestly, you decided that it was more important than anything else. You decided to release.

Notice how many times you were beating yourself up for coming up with all these negative feelings. You though it will magically change them. Did it really? Or did it only made them grow stronger.

Now, we know all this. Why do we continue to disapprove of ourselves?

The answer yet again is so simple. It is a strong habit. That is all. It is something that we were doing for a long time. But now it is time to start releasing. It is time to stop beating yourself up. It is time to start the path of Love.

Want us to show you how to quick-start this journey?

Join us for the Master Your Life Weekend in Philadelphia from December 8-10.

Really want to focus on improving your life, dig out all the negativity and release it?

Attend the 7-Day Success and Life Balance Retreat from Dec 26th-Jan 1 in Pacific Grove, California.

For both of these retreats, if you bring a friend who has never taken a course, you get to attend for FREE!

Of course, you can also continue to beat yourself up. Perhaps this time it will somehow be different. Perhaps you will get a different result.

I caution you to remember the definition of insanity. It is always doing the same thing, but somehow expecting a different result.

Don’t go insane. There is a different way. There is a better path.

Try the Release Technique and never look back again.




One of our favorite habits as human beings is disapproval.  Simply put, disapproval means we don’t like something or someone.  We don’t like it or them, we disapprove.  And, we disapprove and we disapprove some more and we disapprove all the time.

In the Release Technique we learn that we have been operating on automatic going back to the beginning when we decided to try out the idea of being limited and separate from the “I” of us. In order to be separate we created the mind. The mind is the vehicle of separation.  In other words, the mind is what we used to separate ourselves from the “I” of us.  So, we created the mind and we started to think.  Each thought is a thing of limitation, a limiting action on the “I” of us meaning that each thought takes us further and further away from who and what we really are, the “I” of us.  Immediately upon separating from the “I” and beginning to think, we realized we had made a big mistake and we wanted to get back to the infinite, eternal, unlimited, all perfect, all Loving being that we are. All the mind knows to do is to create, to create thoughts, more and more thoughts more and more limitation.  As much as the mind is awake to being separate it has no way to return to the “I” because it only knows how to think and each thought takes it further away and more limited.

Right now, do you sense disapproval and frustration?  Of course.  We are designed to disapprove.  Immediately upon separating from the “I” of us we were in disapproval, we didn’t like it.  So, it can be said, the mind is a disapproval machine.  The mind is a limitation machine and it doesn’t like it and it disapproves.

In the Release Technique we learn that in order to have something different we must do something different.  We see that if we always do what we have always done, we will always have what we have always gotten.  We begin to see disapproval does not help us. Disapproval makes us more limited each time we do it because it takes us further and further away from the natural, all Loving Being that we really are.  Therefore, disapproval makes us less and less happy each time we disapprove.  We are never going to be completely happy until we return to the all Loving, infinite, unlimited Being that we really are.

We,  who are reading this article, have been given a great gift. Our limited mind does not easily see the gift we have been given.  When our limited mind thinks about the gift, tries to figure it out, it only becomes more and more limited with each additional thought and less and less able to see—that is, to realize the unlimited Beingness that we are.  And, it does the thing  it always does, from the very beginning, it goes into disapproval.

When we Release, we more and more are able to grasp the magnitude of the gift the Release Technique brings us.  We are able to grasp it because with each Release we let go of a bit of the limitation, we let go of a bit of the thinking, of the thoughts. With each thought/feeling we let go of we turn our direction.  Each time we let go of a limitation called a thought we turn ourselves in the direction of our original natural state.  As we Release we become happier and lighter because with each Release we build momentum in the direction of returning to our unlimited,  natural state of being all Loving. If we Release constantly we become happier and lighter and even happier and lighter as we move in the direction of who and what we really are.  And, as we move in that direction, we see with Releasing we have the tools to drop all of this limitation this lifetime.  We have the greatest gift available to human beings anywhere on the planet and that is, if we use our Release Technique tools, we can return to the realization that we are right now, whole, complete, perfect, infinite, eternal , unlimited and all Loving right now always have been always will be.  That realization has just been covered up by all these layers and layers of thoughts and feelings, the maya, the curtain of thought.

In the Release Technique we can undo all of that and we can undo it quickly if we quicken our Releasing, that is if we Release all the time.  We can get aside and do nothing but Release or we can Release in our everyday lives no matter what we do because we can use each thing that comes into our experience for Releasing. Each thing we encounter each day is an opportunity to Release, to move in the direction of full realization of our unlimitedness, our omniscience, our omnipotence, our omnipresence.

So, what is it we are Releasing?  When we Release, we are releasing our non-love thoughts/feelings.  We are all Loving, imagining that we are not, imagining that we are non-loving.  Disapproval is non-lovingness.  We disapprove of everything all the time. We don’t like this, we don’t like that.  We don’t like it because it is a thing of limitation and innately we know we are unlimited.  Our limited mind thinks.  It thinks it can think its way back to unlimitedness when all that happens is it becomes more limited with each thought.  It thinks if it has a zillion dollars it will be able to reach that exalted all happy state it vaguely remembers.  It gets the zillion and realizes it has only gotten further away from the all Loving Being it senses exists, so it disapproves even more and creates more thoughts, more things and people and more dissatisfaction.  It has to be,  because each thought takes us further away.  Even if we get all that we can of earthly pleasures we have no less frustration, no less disapproval in fact, we have more because we see with all of this we still do not have the ultimate prize we all seek.

So, what is the answer? The answer is the Release Technique. The answer is to Release. With each Release we turn it all around. The more we Release the more we turn it all around.  Our vision begins to clear.  We see disapproval, non loving thoughts/feelings make us more and more miserable.  We begin to see that we disapprove continually.  That is why we must Release continually.  In the Release Technique we say we are either Releasing or suppressing.  We are either sending approval or we are disapproving, we are either loving or non loving.  We are either wanting or having.  When we want we are automatically in disapproval because we don’t have.  We let go of wanting and realize we have, we have always had the All,  covered up by all this limitation.

So, what we are doing is letting go of all of these non-loving feelings.  We are either in the direction of love or the direction of hate.  That is the truth of it.  If the word hate is too strong pick out a word you prefer but pick one out that means you do not Love.  Love is the answer.  Love is that which we are seeking with our every act.  It is easy to Love. Just let go of the non love feelings.  We need to see, and we can see if we Release, we need to see we are non loving, disapproving all the time of everything and everyone—that is the name of the game of limitation.  In Releasing we are learning to be more and more positive, meaning more and more and more Loving.  We become more and more Loving by letting go of the opposite the non loving, disapproval thoughts/feelings.

When we disapprove, that is, when we express non love thoughts/feelings we somehow think we are doing something out there to the thing or person which is the object of our disapproval.  As we Release, we begin to see there is no “out there.”  Whatever we look at, whatever  we see, whatever we sense, whatever we experience is through the mind only.  It is all in our mind and nowhere else.  So, anytime we disapprove, which is all the time, we are expressing those non loving feelings to none other than our self.  We are making our self more and more negative, more and more unhappy, unhealthy, un-wealthy and any other “un” you can think of.  It is only when we Release our non love feelings, our disapproval,  that we begin to undo all of that, to undo all of those “uns.”   Each time we Release a non love thought or feeling we move in the direction of Love, we become more Loving.  If we continually Release our non love, disapproval feelings we become continually happier and continually lighter and continually see we are that which we have been seeking.  We Release continually we continually see that our desire grows and by and by in a shorter time than our limited mind will allow us to imagine we have dropped all of this limitation, all of this non lovingness and we return home to our original natural state of all Loving, all unlimited, all happy, all the time, forever, eternally,  and  no one or no thing can ever touch us again.  We are that which we have been seeking. We use our Release tools.  We drop the non love thoughts and feelings each and every time we see them and we realize Love and we have it All, we have the All.

Release and find out you are Love right now, you are That.


Our mind is in the business of keeping us controlled, captive.

That is, our mind wants us to think we are owned by it.  One of its tools is guilt.

What value is this feeling of guilt?  How does it help us?  How does it make us feel better?  How does it make us more positive, more loving, more happy, more abundant, more successful?  We immediately see guilt is of absolutely no value to us.  Our mind wants us to think guilt helps us by keeping us from repeating the behavior which we are feeling guilty about.  A lie.  That is our mind telling us a lie.  Guilt makes us prone to the same behavior that got us feeling guilty.

We must discriminate and see that our mind lies to us often. We have to see the lies and understand that those lies keep us locked in the prison of the mind.

Guilt does nothing positive for us.

Guilt tells us we need to beat ourselves up.  How does that help us?

Our mind tells us, whatever we did or said was wrong, was bad, and we need to beat ourselves up so we can survive. We get the subtle feeling that if we don’t beat ourselves up, something will happen to us. If we look closely we will see that the something bad the mind is telling us will happen is we will die. That is what the mind is telling us. And, worse, some religions tell us, unless we beat ourselves up for whatever we have done or said, we will go to hell and be punished for all eternity. That is one of the biggest lies we could ever be told.  It is a huge, damaging lie.

We say or do something we have been conditioned to believe is bad. We feel guilty.  We begin to beat ourselves up.  We go into fear of the consequences of whatever we said or did such as hell, if we believe what some religions tell us.  Death if we believe our mind. Something bad will happen to us unless we punish ourselves, says our lying mind.

We begin to beat ourselves up. We add whatever we feel guilty about to our subconscious fear file.  We go on with our lives, one more thing in our subconscious mind to beat ourselves up about.  And, we go on with our lives with this negativity in us clouding our view of the world.  We go on with this additional bit of negativity blocking our view of who and what we really are, blocking our view, our awareness of the 100% all loving, all happy being that we REALLY are.

And, guess what?  Are you beginning to see it? This guilt process, described in the preceding sentences, keeps us holding in mind we are not a good a person, we are a bad person, deserving of punishment and hell.   There is a hell alright, but it is not what some religions say it is.  The hell is living with the beliefs told to us by our mind.  The hell is the feeling, the believing we are bad, deserving of punishment. That is the hell and that is the lie.

Picture putting on a pair of eyeglasses. Picture these eyeglasses clouded over by all the guilt we have collected over time.   Are we beginning to see how guilt robs us of our happiness, our love, our freedom? Guilt is one of the AGFLAP feelings that keeps us locked in negativity. Each bit of negativity we have collected, blocks out a bit of positivity. Are we beginning to see how negativity blocks us from being all the love that we naturally are, all the happiness that we naturally are, all the perfect health that we naturally are, the unlimited Being that we naturally are?   Are we beginning to see how the negativity we have collected, negativity such as guilt, how all this negativity robs us of our life, our aliveness?

Releasing is about letting go of all of that negativity.

Right now, look for a thought or feeling you could be having about deserving punishment, deserving pain, deserving suffering, deserving to be unhealthy, unwealthy, and always a little unhappy. That subtle thought or feeling is our mind not wanting us to have this information.  It is our mind not wanting us to release, not wanting us to be positive.

Our mind is saying, you have done or said all of these horrible things, you have hurt people with actions and words.  That is the very same mind that told us to do or say those things! We see you now mind. We see you. We are catching on to your game.  We see what is happening.  We see this game of guilt is keeping us holding in mind doing and saying the bad things, wrong things, hurtful things, negative things.   Our mind is a collection—let’s say it another way—we have collected all of those guilty feelings and we are holding them in mind.  Each and every one of those things is running in the background of our life.  Is it any surprise we are not as happy as possible? Is it any wonder we keep doing the same hurtful actions over and over and over again?  Our mind is creative.  It creates what we hold in mind.  Holding in mind saying and doing bad, wrong, hurtful things, our mind creates us saying and doing bad, wrong, hurtful things.  How could it be otherwise?

For those of us who have been releasing—using and applying the skills we have learned and have been practicing in the Release Technique—we see we are doing and saying fewer and fewer bad, wrong and hurtful things.  We might also see we are occasionally lapsing into old, habitual patterns or habits and that is because guilt has more garbage locked-up in our computer.  We are holding in mind things that keep us feeling guilty, negative and not as loving as we naturally are.

Right at this very moment, if we glance in the direction of our mind, it will gladly show us things we are continuing to beat ourselves up about  that we did or said years ago,  as far back as our memory goes and we know even further back than our memory allows us to see.  We know this beating ourselves up steals away all the happiness that we could have and be.  And, yet, we do it.  And, yes, even at this very moment, we may find ourselves feeling guilty about it and feeling bad—or less happy than we could feel, less happy than the totally happy Being that we naturally are.

Look how pessimistic the world must feel when seeing what we have just been reading.  They know what we have been saying is true and they know of no way out.  Look how optimistic, how much joy wells up in us when we read this because we know.  We who have the Release Technique tools, we who are awake to this information, we see it and we know we have the tools, the skills to turn this all upside down.  We know we have the tools to go into the computer and delete all of this guilt, all of the fear, all of these negative feelings called AGFLAP.  We know we can do it. We know how to do it.  We know we can do it right now.

We apply Step Two of the Six Steps:  Decide we can release all of this guilt and never be bothered by it again.

Catch yourself.  As soon as that dark cloud called guilt moves in, tell the mind to get lost, we don’t need your anymore mind.  Say yes to any guilty feeling that has crept in, let go of disapproval and send approval.

Stay awake.  Our mind has had its way with us long enough.  No more mind.  I am going to love myself and I am going to love everyone and everything.  I am going to free myself of guilt and all the other negativity and be happy all the time.

The Programs Course is an advanced course on CDs. The Programs Course is a must for us to learn how to conquer and rid ourselves of negative programs such as guilt.  Call now (888 333 7703), order the Programs Course and get rid of all your guilt.