Things are getting a little crazy on the planet, with natural disasters and people in conflict…

But, something AMAZING is also happening at the same time.

In a BIG way!

Across the planet, a tremendous movement towards freedom is unfolding. People are rising above the limitations imposed upon them and taking a stand to be the boss of their own destiny.

I want to support this surge of freedom and spread the tools to help everyone on this planet to help themselves!

I want to spread the word and spread the love — there is a better way to live. Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity belongs to everyone.

Not only that… the way to a better life is EASY and QUICK.

So, here’s what I’m doing:

Every week, for the next five weeks, I am giving away 3-Day Change Your Life Classes.


I am giving away an ultimate grand prize of a 7-Day Financial Freedom & Lifestyle Boot Camp.



I’m looking to give away TWO LIVE CLASSES every week: One for you and one for a friend, so you can share the goodness together.


I also want to give away TWO 7-DAY RETREATS for the final Grand Prize.

So, every friend you invite to sign up for this sweepstakes promotion increases your opportunity to win.

And most importantly, we get to have more and more people join us from across the globe. We all get to share this wonderful gift that Lester left for us. We get to spread Lester’s gift and help the whole planet to become a more positive and peaceful place.

So, sign up! 
And share this gift with your friends!