Unlock Your Fullest Potential

Simplest Most Effective Self-Help Course • Over 20 Years Proven Track Record
Free Ongoing Coaching • Over 160,000 Graduates

Unlock Your Fullest Potential

Simplest Most Effective Self-Help Course • Over 20 Years Proven Track Record • Free Ongoing Coaching • Over 160,000 Graduates




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Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and Pennsylvania University studies validate effectiveness of The Release Program.

Live your life without limits

What is Releasing?

Releasing is a totally natural ability we all have to LET GO of negativity, in order to EFFORTLESSLY achieve a quieter, more positive state of mind.

It is a very direct, easy to use way to eliminate the boundaries of thoughts, feelings, emotions and wants which stand between you and ultimate happiness.

The Release Technique is based on the premise that each one of us has no limits except those that we hold onto subconsciously, and when we let go of our subconscious limitations, we discover that our potential is unlimited. Unlimited in the direction of health, happiness, affluence and materiality.

The Release Technique will help you achieve the kind of life you would like to have and even more importantly, it will assist you in achieving self-realization.

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Lester Levenson

The greatest discovery of our time

Who is Lester Levenson?

In 1952, a physicist from New Jersey claimed he had discovered the ultimate secret to achieving and maintaining perfect health, effortless wealth, deeply satisfying relationships, as well as a profound sense of peace, happiness and freedom— independent of outer circumstances.

In a nutshell, he claimed he had discovered the Ultimate Secret to Success.

Read about the man who made the greatest discovery of our time… The Release Technique.


How We Manifest In Life?

Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone is controlling matter all the time. Whether one wants to be a demonstrator or not, he is. It is impossible to not be a creator all the time.

Everyone is creating every day. We’re not aware of it because we just don’t look at it.

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Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale

Bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”

“The Release Technique is a highly effective tool for verifiably eliminating the subconscious blocks that keep you from attracting what you want out of life.

If you are searching…

Alexander Loyd

Alexander Loyd

Bestselling author of “The Healing Code”

“Larry Crane is a fabulous human being. His Release Technique will dramatically improve your profits and your performance levels. It enables you to rid yourself of any negative emotions easily and painlessly and puts you in touch with your most successful self. It’s…

Shifra Hendrie

Shifra Hendrie

Quantum Healing and Soul

“I have never yet been closer to real freedom within myself, and I am understanding life and my own true nature on deeper levels as I go. I feel that I have found a missing link, not just to healing, but to understanding the core principles of Divinity and the Coming Era…

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Founder, Tom Hopkins International

“The Release Technique will give you a tool to make your life, your career, and your relationships better…and better. Things started to improve right away for the people in my class. But even with all that, I wouldn’t recommend their training unless I were convinced…

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As children, we had big dreams. When someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, we would say: an astronaut. A movie star. A professional athlete. The sky was the limit. But as we got older, things changed. Maybe a parent or teacher told us we had to be…

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March marks the 20th anniversary of helping people to create their ideal life using Lester Levenson’s techniques. After 20 years, we have taught the Release Technique to over 160,0000 people in more than 50 countries. We’ve offered live classes in Spain, Singapore…

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“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” ― Heraclitus This old Greek philosopher had it right. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell is in constant state of flux. Our bodies change over time. Our cells are constantly dividing, regenerating, dying in all kinds of…
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