2009 came to a close with what can only be described as a celebration of freedom. The Life Mastery Retreat was one of the most love-filled events we have ever seen.

Over two hundred of us (many brand-newcomers) threw ourselves into a week-long intensive of dropping lifelong programs, limitations, and generally anything that has ever kept us from feeling unbelievably fantastic with no taint of sorrow or frustration.

Larry Crane

Larry Crane

These retreats are always amazing, but this one was purely blissful. Everybody who came got down to business on day one… and by day two had synched into a flow of letting their baggage fly up and out with no effort.

No drama, no fuss…

…just pure positive intention to be happy and free. It absolutely staggered my mind to see so many people coexist in harmony with each other.

It really shows how the whole world can be like when people drop their so-called problems and allow their love to arise–the love that’s ever-present and always waiting to come up within us all.

Rich Furlanic

Rich Furlanic

Speaking of ‘so-called’ problems, Rich Furlanic once again spent great deals of time demonstrating the Lesterizing Goals process and helping people knock out their limitations–with real results manifesting in minutes.

Speaking just of monetary gains, the sum of recent gains collectively experienced by the participants was calculated to over $16,000,000.

On health breakthroughs, one highlight was demonstrated by Gita Fendelman, who took more giant steps to completely overcoming Parkinson’s. She walked more smoothly and loosely than ever. You can see Gita take her first leaps to mastering her body at the Lesterizing Goals Mastery Retreat in Vail, Colorado…

The gains are always fun to witness. They remind us that if they can do it, we can too.

So… besides the collective harmony and mind-blowing accomplishments, this retreat was simply all-out fun. Whenever two hundred-plus people converge in the same space for seven days with one intention only–to go up and up, one can’t help but get swept away!

Money Exercise

The Famous Money Exercise

The constant positive energy literally makes it impossible to sink into negativity for any length of time.

I look forward to every retreat for the simple fact that they’re a totally safe environment for confronting the deepest fears.

Those darkest of feelings instantly become trivial and become erased out of the body and mind with practically zero effort.

If you haven’t been to one of these retreats, check them out.

If you haven’t been to one of them lately… take a moment to remember what life can be like at its best.

See you soon!