A) Review the Six Steps

B) Remember that you are in charge!

C) What you resist, PERSISTS.  Make a decision to move forward.  Life is a decision!

D) Give yourself LOTS of love and approval

E) Take responsibility for whatever the situation or circumstance is, as this situation is only an out projection of something that occurred in the past that needs your attention.

F) Get BIGGER and face the fear.  Each time we face our fears, it helps us to become more confident in our releasing skills and helps us to dig deeper.

G) Let go of protecting yourself with fear.  Let go of wanting to be safe.

H) Take a look at any of your releasing workbooks; pick an exercise, and begin working on your resistance.

I) Help is available (call a partner, call the Support Line, or ask a question during the weekly conference call)

J) Listen to the Fear and Worry CD… Anger CD… or replay past conference calls  (Replay calls are available via phone or through computer links)

K) Review your releasing books or DVDs and you’ll instantly have an insight

L) Let go trying to control the stuckness.  Let go of wanting control and wanting to change.  Wanting control is just resistance.

M) Create a goal statement and eliminate the “I can’t” thoughts.  Look for the “I won’t” thoughts and gain mastery of the so-called limitation.

N) Give yourself permission to face your aversion and keep moving forward

O) Choose to be positive in spite of what is going on

P) Increase your momentum

Q) Register for an upcoming workshop, teleconference series, retreat, or order new releasing materials (books, CDs, DVDs)

R) Work on the “Pride” and “Past” exercises regularly

S) Challenge your limitations

T) Welcome more joy and abundance into your life by seeing that “It’s possible!” to have be or do anything.  Being stuck works for the ego.  Keep Step #1 in focus at all times.

U) Remember LOVE is the answer.  “Square all with love!”

V) Keep examining your thinking and correcting it

W) Remember you are already FREE.  You are whole, perfect, and complete!

X) You are not your mind… you are not your body… you are not your ego… and you are not your feelings.

Y) Keep going!  Keep it simple!

Z) Review this list often.  You are the boss!  You are in charge!

Each time you release, you become happier and lighter.  Releasing is the highest level of activity that you can use to improve the quality of your life.  Making a decision to release is choosing to move towards positive.  Let go of remaining stuck.  Let go of the AGFLAP.  Let go of wanting approval / wanting control / wanting safety/security and claim victory over your ego.  Releasing works on every situation!  Simply apply your releasing skills and watch the resistance leave.  All feelings want to leave.  So welcome them up, and let them go.  When we have eliminated resistance, fear, and wanting… all that is left is goodness – joy – bliss – happiness – quiet – positive only – abundance and success.  Find out for yourself, that the best feeling in the world is happiness with no sorrow or regrets.