You may heave heard before that abundance is your natural state – that financial abundance, vibrant health, loving relationships, and complete happiness are your birthright.

But it may also sound like a stretch if you currently appear to be living without any of these things.

Have you ever wondered (and asked your mind) how to have abundance, how to create a positive cash flow, how to have a healthy and vibrant body?

If you have, I’m willing to bet that your mind hasn’t given you any helpful or effective answers to those questions. There is a simple reason you haven’t gotten your answers – they are not in your mind. If they were, you would have them already.

How does grass grow? Does it ask an automatic mind how to do it? Of course not. And yet it grows – abundantly – much to the delight of kids with their first lawn mowing business.

How do flowers bloom? Do they ask their minds how to do it? Do they beat themselves up if they haven’t bloomed yet? Of course not.

And yet each one blooms beautifully and in perfect time.

They don’t wonder things like: “How do I bloom? When will it happen? What do I need to do?” They don’t think thoughts like: “Maybe I’m not meant to bloom. I’m too scared to bloom. Blooming is too complicated – I don’t know how to do it.”

As silly as those things sound, rest assured that is is equally ridiculous for you to have any similar questions or thoughts about your own abundance.

Looking back, I realize that I was surrendered to that natural flow of abundance when I was nursing each of my two children. To this day, even with a degree in biology, I cannot give you an adequate answer to how my body made milk of the perfect type and quantity to nourish those two little bodies. And yet, day after day, it did. And always perfectly. The fact that I didn’t know “how” was of absolutely no consequence.

It was a perfectly operating system and a wonderful illustration of how abundance works. You see, the more you let a baby nurse, the more milk your body then produces. It is set up perfectly that way. It is a natural flow of abundance. Conversely, if the baby nurses less, your body adjusts and produces less milk.

So, if at any time I would have been in a mentality of lack or “I don’t know how” or doubted this abundance, my inclination would’ve been to let the baby nurse less in order to “save” or “ration” what milk I did have. And what would’ve been the result? I would’ve then produced less and less milk. I would have interrupted that abundantly operating system.

Check and see what your thinking is about your own abundance. Are you open to your natural abundance even if you think you don’t know how it comes in? Or do you interrupt the flow and shut it down by coming from a consciousness of lack and “what if?” fearful thinking?

Remember: abundance = positive = open = giving = loving = happy = success

and lack = wanting = fearful = closed = clutching = thinking = limitation

Which do you choose?

Abundance is your natural state.

But it is up to you.

You get to choose what you hold in mind. And since the mind is creative, you will get what you hold in mind. Release the non-loving feelings and be left with the abundance and happiness and freedom that is yours.