There is a growing sentiment in the therapy community that a “spiritual approach” to undoing addictions and compulsions may be more successful than the traditional ones.

The Release Technique is one of those approaches.Identifying and letting go of the core feelings that compel any behavior is one of the best things Releasing achieves!

But how is that spiritual?“Spiritual” means ‘of or relating to the mind or intellect as distinguished from the physical nature’.Releasing happens mentally, in the mind, to let go of feelings that affect the body and being that you are.

What is an addiction or a compulsion?It is an underlying program – made up of countless feelings and past decisions – that pushes you to behave in a certain way.The program is running on automatic; you don’t know it is there, and so cannot resist doing what it tells you to do.


Some addictions are harmless – for instance, you must watch that next episode of your TV show!Some are harmful to you, and if continued, may be harmful to others – for example, you drink far too much alcohol, far too often.

You can all name the compulsions that wreck relationships and pocketbooks – overshopping, alcoholism, gambling, and even compulsive lying, not to mention drug addiction…and the list goes on.It seems to be Human is to be run by all sorts of compulsions and habits!

What these compulsions and actions do is activate all manner of feelings.Professionals agree: acting on compulsions can bring up guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness or depression, failure, rejection, anxiety, or humiliation – which are all, of course, feelings.

In other words, you do the deed, then beat yourself up about doing the deed!What you are facing is a great big messy ball of confusing feelings…All in all, a miserable situation to be in…Unless you know how to Release!photo_woman-thumbs-up

Click here to find out more about Releasing.You can read testimonials on our site from people who have used Releasing to let go of compulsions and even longtime addictions like drinking and smoking very easily.Some of them dropped the habit without directly working on it!That is how powerful these simple spiritual processes are!