It is always a tremendous opportunity to release because each time we do, we become happier and lighter.  By learning to see directly and understand how negative thoughts affect our lives helps us to begin taking responsibility for what we are holding in mind. The habit of disapproving and ‘figuring things out’ quickly begin to dissolve. When we comprehend that our thoughts are quite simply energy sandwiched between layers of emotion…, resistance…, fear and wanting…, we are then able to address this negativity and eliminate those limitations from our sub-conscious mind.  Each skill building exercise is an opportunity that offers us simple and practical ways to identify our non-loving feelings, limitations and obstacles and also be able to release them.  By consciously releasing or removing of the limitations, allows our goals to become more easily attained. The ability to release in the moment also demonstrates self-control of emotions in any circumstance.

Our lives quickly improve as releasing aligns us in experiencing goodness and abundance simply by working with specific exercises.  As we let go of the limitations that we are holding in mind, we are moving into higher energies such as courageousness, acceptance and peace.  By learning this material, we are consciously moving towards positive and towards having improved outcomes in all areas of our lives. Releasing offers us tremendous opportunities to identify and let go of whatever is bothering us.  Each lesson in these courses build on the principle, “If we did it, we can un-do it!”  By learning how to corner resistance and fear, we are actually learning and perfecting “how to” stop acting in limited ways.  We are in fact being offered an opportunity to achieve the state of “happiness with no sorrow” and to live life without regrets.  Lester Levenson, the founder of this amazing technique discovered that we all have resistance and fear.  He therefore especially designed exercises to move us beyond where we currently are.  Each exercise easily and clearly demonstrates Lester’s philosophy, “When one learns by actually experiencing it, that mind is only creative, he then holds in mind only the things he wants and never takes thoughts for the things he doesn’t want.”

By letting go of what we are not, allows us to uncover the part within us that is all-loving, perfect, whole and complete. In working with materials provided by Lester Levenson and Larry Crane, and having access to trained facilitators, we are presented with an effective system of self-improvement and mastery that is perhaps the highest level of experiential learning available.  This coursework offers us an unprecedented opportunity to feel good about ourselves.  Whether we are working from home (via CD or teleconference), or participating in a “live-class” atmosphere, we are cornering our fear and resistance. It is important to note that all lessons are “ORIGINALLY and exactly taught” as designed and created by Lester Levenson.  Equally important is to be aware that all teachers, mentors, and staff work on a volunteer basis which is a commitment of excellence exclusive to this program.

An incredible and unique feature of this method, that it is unparalleled to any other self-help program on the market, is that the Release® Technique method includes at no additional charge to the end-user exceptional phone support.  Fully trained staff is available to speak with you (Monday-Friday), 9:30 am 5:00 pm PST.  By extending availability and affordability of live-support, allows all participants seeking guidance a greater ability of being successful in using this method.  Another offering made available and also without charge is your being able to participate in a weekly conference call hosted by Larry Crane.  Each week thousands of folks from around the globe are able to work directly with Larry.  Some folks call-in to share gains while others call-in to work on issues that are of concern to them.  Everyone has a chance to feel connected and supported.  It’s immensely helpful and beneficial to know that we aren’t alone and also to realize that there are many others working on similar issues as we are.  Another distinctive feature available to everyone is the Replay Line. This option demonstrates a very strong commitment to your being successful in using this method.  Folks can continue working on issues that came up during the call, or for those that have other commitments or live in parts of the world and time is an issue, can participate at a time that is convenient to them.  The replay calls are available via phone or computer link also at no charge to participants.  Please note:  that although there is never a charge for you to participate in the live weekly calls, calling the Support or Replay lines, your phone provider may charge you for long-distance calls.

In order for us to overcome the habits that we have conditioned ourselves to believe, we need to be able to identify and corner our own fear and resistance.  Throughout the course material is Lester Levenson, Larry Crane, and an amazing group of dedicated professionals sharing tips and extremely powerful exercises that help us be able to corner and eliminate negativity and also gain mastery in areas of our lives that we may have previously given up on.  By working with the specific exercises, we are freeing ourselves from very deep-rooted, habitual and limiting patterns.  We are also generating enough momentum to remove the excuses and limitations of “I can’t and I won’t.”  If you are serious about doing something that will help you move past being stuck, this incredible system is something to consider.  Please don’t take my word on it… below is a link for a teleconference recently hosted by Larry Crane that will inspire you in ways you may not have previously considered. Please scroll to the audio links section in the middle of the page at: .