Release Technique Ambassador

If you’ve experienced your own profound gains from releasing… and you’d like to have the tools and company support when sharing the Release Technique with others…

You are invited to apply (below) to become an AMBASSADOR for the Release Technique.

In this rewarding ambassador role, you will…

Here’s why we are now seeking a few of the right AMBASSADORS for the Release Technique:

Over the past 25 years, there have been 160,000 releasing graduates…

Now, the Release Technique is spreading into new regions and countries.

So… we are now looking for a few ambassadors (outside of the USA) to:

In return, we will see to it that it will be a very rewarding position to be an AMBASSADOR of the Release Technique. For example:

What to do now?

If you’d like to be contacted about the AMBASSADOR role for the Release Technique -- we invite you to enter your details below: