This easy and effective Technique not only allows you to manage anger without medication, without psychological therapeutic techniques or long training sessions. The Technique gets completely rid of anger, at its source– and that is a far cry better than just managing the moods and outbursts!

More and more people are seeing the Release Technique® as the effective anger management breakthrough it is. First, you are able to spontaneously get in touch with some of that anger, safely, in total control of it, following the steps we give you.

Next, you use the Release Technique tools to gradually let go of this anger feeling more and more over each Releasing session. This gets the process of emptying the “anger tank” going, easily and all on your own.

Finally, as you continue to use the tools of this powerful Technique on this sabotaging emotion, you see you have gone beyond anger reduction and anger management – soon you realize that you have no more rage or anger at all!

Wow! This is the ultimate anger “management” tool!

How do strong feelings like anger or frustration or fear get the better of us?

We harbor within us all kinds of limiting feelings from our first years that keep collecting similar feelings as the decades go by – the first feelings act like fly-paper to the next ones! This reservoir of old, negative, fearful, non-loving feelings gets bigger and bigger, until we notice it is starting to overflow from time to time. We explode. We vent. We overreact or get under the bed in fear. We wring our hands.

This collection of anger feelings holds us back from achieving our dreams.

This collection of anger feelings holds us away from our loved ones – either we stay distant “to protect them” or theyanger_01 shy away physically and emotionally to protect themselves from the next angry outburst that could come, unprovoked, at any time.

Beating up on someone else – verbally or physically – is beating up on yourself. Letting the old feelings run you … rather than being in control from a higher place, from your higher self … keeps you from being the purely happy and loving person you have within you.

The questions that boil within, like “why always me?” and “where did this come from this time?”, “Am I gonna end up in the hospital because of this?”, “why can’t he/she control these outbursts?”, irritate us. And because we cannot intellectually figure it out, the feelings get stuffed down deeper …

The Release Technique® process breaks it all down; breaks out the feelings in manageable chunks; allows you to get over it; and you learn how to walk away with calm from situations to which you’d previously have overreacted.

If you are stuck with explosive feelings that bust out at the worst possible moment (and isn’t it always a bad time?), don’t do anger “management” – do anger elimination…With The Release Technique®.

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