Our mind is in the business of keeping us controlled and it wants us to think we are owned by it. One of its tools is guilt.

What value is this feeling of guilt? How does it help us? How does it make us feel better? How does it make us more positive, more loving, more happy, more abundant, more successful? We immediately see that guilt is of absolutely no value to us. Our mind wants us to think guilt helps us by keeping us from repeating the behavior which we are feeling guilty about. A lie. That is our mind telling us a lie. Guilt makes us prone to the same behavior that got us feeling guilty.

We must discriminate and see that our mind lies to us often. We have to see the lies and understand that those lies keep us locked in the prison of the mind.

Guilt does nothing positive for us.

Guilt tells us we need to beat ourselves up. How does that help us?

Our mind tells us, whatever we did or said was wrong, was bad, and we need to beat ourselves up so we can survive. We get the subtle feeling that if we don’t beat ourselves up, something will happen to us.

When we say or do something we have been conditioned to believe is bad, we feel guilty. We begin to beat ourselves up. We go into fear of the consequences of whatever we said or did. Something bad will happen to us unless we punish ourselves, says our lying mind.

Picture putting on a pair of eyeglasses. Picture these eyeglasses clouded over by all the guilt we have collected over time. Are we beginning to see how guilt robs us of our happiness, our love, our freedom? Each bit of negativity we have collected, blocks out a bit of positivity. Are we beginning to see how negativity blocks us from being all the love that we naturally are, all the happiness that we naturally are, all the perfect health that we naturally are, the unlimited Being that we naturally are? Are we beginning to see how the negativity we have collected, negativity such as guilt, how all this negativity robs us of our life, our aliveness?

Releasing is about letting go of all of that negativity.discoverhowtolive21

Right now, look for a thought or feeling you could be having about deserving punishment, deserving pain, deserving suffering, deserving to be unhealthy, unwealthy, and always a little unhappy. That subtle thought or feeling is our mind not wanting us to have this information. It is our mind not wanting us to release, not wanting us to be positive.

Our mind is saying, you have done or said all of these horrible things, you have hurt people with actions and words. That is the very same mind that told us to do or say those things! We have collected all of those guilty feelings and we are holding them in mind. Each and every one of those things is running in the background of our life. Is it any surprise we are not as happy as possible? Is it any wonder we keep doing the same hurtful actions over and over and over again? Our mind is creative. It creates what we hold in mind. Holding in mind saying and doing bad, wrong, hurtful things, our mind creates us saying and doing bad, wrong, hurtful things. How could it be otherwise?

For those of us who have been releasing—using and applying the skills we have learned and have been practicing in the Release Technique—we see we are doing and saying fewer and fewer bad, wrong and hurtful things. We might also see we are occasionally lapsing into old, habitual patterns or habits and that is because guilt has more garbage locked-up in our computer. We are holding in mind things that keep us feeling guilty, negative and not as loving as we naturally are.

Catch yourself. As soon as that dark cloud called guilt moves in, tell the mind to get lost, we don’t need you anymore, mind. Say yes to any guilty feeling that has crept in, let go of disapproval and send approval.

Stay awake. Our mind has had its way with us long enough. No more mind. I am going to love myself and I am going to love everyone and everything. I am going to free myself of guilt and all the other negativity and be happy all the time.