Wow, it’s been a while…

It looks like everyone here has been out applying the new ‘Lesterizing’ process on their goals.

In all seriousness, a TON of wonderful new things have been in development over the las several months:

First and foremost is the Lesterizing Goals system, inaugurated at the seven-day Bristol retreat and refined into it’s own specialized retreat, recently held in Vail, Colorado. If you’re a graduate of the Abundance Course, you also had the lucky opportunity to attend the free Lesterizing Goals telecourse.

We’ll be taking some looks into the Lesterizing process in upcoming posts here on this site, so stay tuned.

In other news, some fantastic new teachers have been training up to teach the method. Many of them made themselves known at the Lesterizing Retreat and will be present at the upcoming Life Mastery Retreat. With so many teachers present, the plan is to allow for everyone to break out all week long and get personalized help with working on their specific issues and goals.

Also at this year-end Life Mastery Retreat, we’ll get a sneak peek at the new Children’s Abundance Course that’s in development. Dr. Ken Smythe will be working with 30 children throughout the week, putting all of his experience in teaching children how to release into a structured curriculum that will lay the foundation for a brand new home study course.

And of course… there’s the new improved Goals & Resistance Course that takes the original group conference recordings that made the original so successful and adds studio recordings of Larry guiding you through all of the exercises, exactly as he does in the Abundance Course.

So thanks for bearing with us as we get reorganized and back on track here at the Ultimate Happiness Secret.

See you soon.