Lester told us to make our behavior like that of a Master. Are you doing that?

If not, jump on that “I can’t” bug right now. Don’t smash it. Just let it go. Let go of believing it’s impossible to make your behavior like that of a Master.

Does it sound too hard to make your behavior like that of a Master? Let that one go too.

I can’t. It’s hard. I don’t know how. It takes a long time. All of those are decisions you put in a long, long time ago. Track back, and track back some more, and track back to the very second in your young life when you made those decisions. You will see that those decisions, those convictions, those limitations are nothing more than uninformed decisions you made. You see that they are not true, just your decision.

See that, and let those decisions go. Replace them with new and better decisions, decisions that help you. Your Mastership is up to you. You decided sometime long ago that you are a limited person. See that faulty decision and let it go. Make your behavior like that of
 a Master. You 
can do it by using
 the tools given to you by Release