Releasing is a great way to remove negativity!  In working with partners, we are encouraged and supported to let go of more of our fears and limitations.  When we work with partners, we also increase our momentum!  For those folks that are new to releasing, Welcome!  If you have been around for a while, welcome back!  To those of you that have attended a live class or worked with advanced courses, you know firsthand some of the rewards of working with a partner. For those that haven’t experienced this yet, listed below is a short list of benefits that you may experience by working with a partner.

Benefits of working with a partner:

• Increased commitment towards freedom

• Helps us to bring up resistance

• Helps us to achieve goals and course intentions

• Helps us to dig deeper

• Helps us to have more breakthroughs

• Helps us to be more trusting, loving and supportive

• Enhanced gains

• More clarity


Here are some tips to being a good partner and having a good partner:

• Have an intention to be a good partner and an intention to have a good partner

• Identify convenient times and numbers to reach one another • Keep focused

• Please keep scheduled appointments (Note:  It’s a good idea to give notice of schedule changes.  Reschedule releasing session at a mutually convenient time.)

• Be respectful of time availability

• Be respectful and keep matters private

• Be flexible

• Release on your assigned partner to overcome any resistance

Note:  If you are new to releasing and this is your first partnership, you can do Attachments and Aversions or use the General Releasing Sheet to release your resistance. You may consider releasing on topics such as:  Having a partner, working with a male/female partner, working with someone in a different state or different time zone, or perhaps working on the person’s name once it becomes available.  Any of these suggestions will be helpful to reduce your resistance.

Lester’s gift of sharing the method and having us work in partnerships is a fun and tremendous way to learn!  Working with partners at a weekend course or retreat may include our working with a person for one exercise.  And each and every time we work with someone, we come away with a big smile!  It’s always really amazing that working together, for even just one exercise, that we develop a relationship with someone we didn’t previously know.  We also experience unprecedented growth during each exercise.  There is always an interesting exchange between partners as each person is truly supportive.  Working in a partnership helps us to find and clear programs.  Each partner is wonderful!   What each person brings and exchanges during a releasing exercise is exactly what is needed.  Expect to have huge breakthroughs!

If you are planning to attend an upcoming retreat and planning to have a roommate, it’s suggested to call the facility about a week before the retreat and ask the name of your assigned partner.  Release any resistance.  This way, you and your room partner will have a more enjoyable experience.  If you are choosing to room with your spouse, a friend, or other family member, it’s also a good idea to release on having these folks as your partners.  Some couples enjoy working together at home as partners, while others choose to work with other people.  Either option is good, as long as you both agree.

Group partnerships are always interesting.  Releasing with the entire group is experiencing the “power of love” in such a magnificent way.  And of course there are always bursts of laughter or taking a skip which are great opportunities for opening up your clown and silly chakras.  Dining (which is a group exercise), during workshops or retreats, is a great way to encourage partnerships.  So if you meet a person who lives in your community or you are comfortable releasing with, by all means exchange numbers and plan to release together.  The good news about dining together during meals is if you begin to experience some resistance, the folks at your table are there to help you work through your issue by helping you to release.  Speaking about gains or working together during a meal is very enjoyable.

It just occurred to me, the many partners that have worked with me and helped me to develop better releasing skills.    What a wonderful opportunity to have someone help you become a better releaser!  In turn, when we work with others, we are further developing their releasing skills.  Lester, Larry, the teachers and staff are also our partners because what they bring to the table is extraordinary.  Identifying our non-loving feelings and releasing them is the purpose of releasing.  Working in partnerships, is a bonus in releasing negative feelings. Thank you Lester for making our releasing more special by encouraging us to work together!

If you have gains that have resulted by your working with partners, please submit them to  Thank you for showing up and being a good partner! P.S. The best partner is beingness which makes all our gains and insights possible!  The next best partner is you!