Expect miracles in seven days or less

What if you could accomplish in one week that which you’ve been pursuing your whole life?

Imagine having a real breakthrough with all of your biggest goals. What would your life look like? How would you act? You can achieve it…when you join in for seven magical days of life-changing exercises and powerful transformation work at the fabulous Redwood Hotel & Country Club in Bristol, England.

This seven day Life Mastery retreat is where you will once and for all, identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs and mental sabotage. This retreat will empower you to peer into the depths of your mind, see the hurdles that are standing between you and your goals, and jump over them right then and there.relief_02

We have reserved a week at the beautiful Redwood Hotel & Country Club, This spacious country club is set o 16 acres of woodland countryside. Deep peace… serenity… a sense of awe for the beauty of this secluded country club—all who visit here feel it. It is the quiet that makes this country club the perfect place to learn these proven methods of generating unbelievable wealth and health. You can also take advantage of the fitness center, steam room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

We’ll start on Saturday, July 24th, at 5:30pm and continue through Friday, July 30th, at noon.

Tuition is only $2,095 (US Dollars), plus room and board of £445 (double occupancy–single occupancy £585).

Are you still on the fence?

What are you waiting for? Remember, there are a limited number of seats available for this magical week of life mastery, peace and enlightenment. They’re likely to fill up fast. So join us now, while the opportunity is right here at your feet…

You’ve heard Lester say that you won’t be totally happy until you totally quiet your mind and master your life. Obviously, once you get all of your limitations out of your way, nothing will stop you from having it all. The good news is… it’s never been easier!

If you sign up before July 1st, you will receive these gifts…

  • Abundance Book with 2CD’s ($100 value)
  • Lester Levenson’s Ultimate Goal I and II. ($180 value)
  • $500 Savings off your tuition. (Total of $780 Savings)

As a special offer to share Lester’s message on his birthday…

  • Bring a friend who has not attended a 7-Day Retreat and save $200 off the tuition for yourself and $200 for your friend.
  • Bring two friends and save $400
  • Bring three friends and save $600
  • Bring four friends and save $800
  • Bring five friends and you go for absolutely no charge AND stay for the entire week with room & board on us.
  • Every single friend you bring saves $200 as well.